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[Updated] One Piece Chapter 1061 latest Storyline, Updates, Synopsis, Leaks & More

In the next chapter of One Piece, number 1061, readers can expect to learn more about IM Sama, the World Government’s highest sovereign, to whom even the Five Elders submit. As we saw in Chapter 1060, he utilised Uranus to bring down the Kingdom of Lulucia. The destruction of the brand-new Island of Lulucia came as a shock to many. We have to wait and see whether the Final Saga becomes even tenser after One Piece Chapter 1061.

This last arc’s many plot twists have fans very thrilled. The plot of the highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1061 and subsequent chapters has several potential avenues for expansion. At the beginning of the new arc, we see Luffy and his crew depart from Wano Country in quest of the fabled “One Piece Treasure.” Additionally, Shanks is looking for the “One Piece” treasure for similar reasons. Uranus is under IM command. sama’s Innocent people and the Lulucia Kingdom were wiped out by the ancient weapon Uranus.

Luffy’s fans also witness him telling the rest of the crew about his dream. Chapter 1061 of One Piece has the potential to provide light on IM Sama, ancient weaponry, and the World Government. Sabo is on the Island as the Kingdom is being destroyed in the newest instalment. Sabo, however, was not present on the island, as may be revealed in Chapter 1061 of One Piece. But these are only speculations.

As soon as One Piece Chapter 1061 becomes available, we will provide the spoilers and raw scan below. Before September 24th, 2022, the raw scans will be made available to the public. On September 25th, One Piece 1061 will be made available to the reading public. Monday at 12.30 am Australian time, the updates will become available. The Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites all provide free online access to the latest manga chapters.

The time and date of when One Piece Chapter 1061 will be available in various regions are shown below.
In the summer, in the Pacific Time Zone, the day begins at 8:00 a.m. (September 25)
In the midst of the summer, at 10 a.m. (September 25)
11 a.m., Eastern Summer Time (September 25)
Summer Time in the UK: 4 o’clock (September 25)
When it’s 5:00 in the afternoon in Central European Summer Time, it’s time for dinner (September 25)
Time in India: 7:30 p.m. IST (September 25)
Time in the Philippines: 11:30 pm (September 25)
Time in the Central Time Zone of Australia in the Summer: 12:30 a.m. (September 26)

It appears like the Straw Hats are making their way to the new island. Meanwhile, Im-Devil sama’s Fruit wipes down the Kingdom of Lulucia. Additionally, the World Government and the general public are kept in the dark about its Ipresence. m’s The question now is whether or not Uranus destroyed Lulucia under IM Sama’s direction. The solution might be in One Piece Chapter 1061. Im has only been spotted in the background so far, according to Fandom Wiki. Im has a humanoid form, complete with a human-like hand and keen almond eyes that are surrounded by thin red rings.

In the Void Century, Uranus was a weapon that was well known to exist. What it did at this time in history, what it looked like, what it could do, where it was, and what it evolved into are all mysteries. First stated when Nico Robin tells King Neptune that three ancient weapons are named after deities. The events of One Piece Chapter 1061 are also very apparent in regards to Sabo, even though it would appear that Sabo was physically present on the island when it was destroyed. Sabo might phone the royal family to urge them to leave the island after RA rescued them.

When they called, he gave them a false location. The nuclear weapon detonated quickly, devastating the magical land. This man gained so much knowledge at the Levelie that he is now a threat to WG. One Piece Chapter 1061 spoilers have not been released as of yet. As soon as One Piece Chapter 1061 is out, we will provide spoilers and raw scans. The raw scan for Chapter 1061 is expected to be available two to three days before the official publication date. However, we recommend that all Black Clover readers wait until the manga is officially released on official sites before picking it up. On Sunday, September 25, the long-awaited publication of One Piece Chapter 1061 will occur.

Recap of Chapter 1060 of One Piece

Robin had mentioned the dissolution of the Seven Warlords of the Sea and the subsequent establishment of Cross Guild and the rise to power of Buggy the Emperor, as well as the exile of Buggy, Crocodile, and Dracula Mihawk to sea. She inquires if Luffy is interested in reading about other topics in the article. Luffy says that he’s handing it over to Robin and that she’ll have to let him know if anything major emerges while it’s in her care. What Luffy stated is correct, according to Robin. As he lays back, Luffy makes the observation that Sabo is blameless and discusses his aspiration to make freedom a reality for all people.

Luffy and his brother had everything taken from them when they were little, and they grew up with the goal of getting it all back. He thinks back to the day he, Sabo, and Ace all formed a pact. Luffy shocks everyone by spilling the beans about his conversation with his brother. According to Ussop, Luffy has an unrealistic goal in mind. After telling Shanks and his siblings, Luffy remembers he never shared this information with his crew. He’s honest enough to say that’s what he wants, although knowing it’s hopeless. All of the Straw Hats are behind Luffy’s ambitions, and Robin has just revealed that they’re missing just one Road Poneglyph. Franky says they have decided to leave g Laught Tale.

The Marines learn that Sabo is now on Momoiro Island in the Kingdom of Lulusia after consulting with Marine HQ. Sabo, on Momoiro Island, explains that he didn’t murder Cobra and offers his apologies for all that’s transpired. However, he discovers startling news: he once observed a mystery figure sitting on the vacant Throne. There has been a noticeable change in the sky’s colour, prompting locals to demand the release of the monarch and his daughter. However, the Elders have decreed that all ties with the Surveillance Den Den Mushi’s must be severed and that no one should be made aware of the existence of the Lulusia Kingdom. The future of Sabo remains unclear. After several days at sea, The Straw Hats finally reach the area around Winter Island, where they are met with icebergs and high winds. Nami gives Jinbei instructions on how to calm the raging waves. Sanji and Luffy, however, sense that a woman is in danger from the current.

Chapter 1061 of One Piece
After the secrets of Luffy’s Dream are exposed in Chapter 1060 of One Piece, the story continues in Chapter 1061. After hearing rumours that Nefatari Cobra was murdered by Sabo, Luffy’s narrative continues. Indignant, Luffy admits that Sabo would never do such a thing, and Robin backs him up because she considers it an accusation. The World Nobles, not ordinary kings, are the Revolutionary Army’s true enemies, Robin chimes in. Moreover, the Straw Hats found out that Vivi had gone AWOL. Luffy made up his mind to leave for Arabasta right away.

If you’re looking for Vivi, Zoro says it’s pointless to travel to Arabasta because she was last spotted in Mary Geoise. On the other hand, Luffy is adamant that they travel there.
An enraged Zoro kicks a barrel that has been locked up, and he reminds Luffy that Mary Geoise is their enemy’s domain. Zoro thinks they should wait until they get more information before going there, however, Luffy thinks he is being cowardly. Sanji is heartbroken because the stunning woman Vivi has vanished, and he can’t even begin to imagine what she must be going through.

Chopper feels devastated over the loss of Vivi’s father and recalls the day he and Cobra last saw each other. Nami is concerned for Vivi’s safety, while Ussop backs Chopper. While Frank and Brook refuse to believe that Sabo killed Cobra, Jinbei discusses Levely. A resident of the Sand Kingdom has never expressed displeasure to Brook, he says. Despite Nami’s tears, Luffy yells that they will succeed in their mission to rescue Vivi. Zoro calms the team down by asking Luffy about his memories of Ace until Ace really requires assistance. Zoro thinks that, as a powerful female, Vivi deserves the same respect as Ace. When asked if Zoro could ease their concerns over Vivi, Nami, Luffy, Chopper, and Sanji all agree that he couldn’t. During their altercation, Sanji insults Zoro by calling him many names. After investigating the secrets of Wano, Robin finds a lot has transpired.

Read Online One Piece Chapter 1061
Viz Media and Mangaplus both host One Piece Chapter 1061. Spoilers for the upcoming chapter of the One Piece manga may be found on the series’ official websites, which are accessible from anywhere around the globe. The most recent One Piece news and updates are also available online. Let’s get together following the publication of One Piece Chapter 1061.

When Will One Piece Chapter 1061 Be Released Online?
When One Piece Chapter 1061 is published on September 25, 2022. Zoro wields his Katana to perform the cutting One-Sword Style of Yakkodori. The woman that was whisked away with Luffy and Chopper by the wind was Jewelry Bonney, who had a 320,000,000 reward on her head. The next chapter of One Piece will explain the situation with the mysterious woman.

One Piece Chapter 1061 has been heavily hinted at, suggesting that Vegapunk will make an appearance. The Marines’ enigmatic head scientist is at the core of numerous mysteries. For many fans, the events in One Piece Chapter 1061 have been years, if not decades, in the making. EtenBoby, a trusted leaker from the WorstGen Forums, has now revealed spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1061. Remember that next week is a holiday. Finally, the second segment of the Straw Hats’ adventure is here.

Initial One Piece Chapter 1061 spoilers
Again, the Straw Hats are at odds with one another. The Straw Hats discovered a snow-covered island in the previous chapter. Egghead is identified as the location’s official name in Chapter 1061 of One Piece. After Koby was taken by the Blackbeard Pirates, the Marines hauled it up at the end of One Piece Chapter 1059. Whatever the case may be, here are a few shocking spoilers that have been leaked thus far:

Vegapunk’s island is being visited by a fleet of Strawhats
It’s appropriate that a future island dedicated to intellectuals would be called Egghead, as that’s what the word means in slang. Of course, the group is going to break up in unfamiliar surroundings; else, it wouldn’t be One Piece.

Separated from the rest are Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper, and Bonney
The last time we saw Luffy and Chopper, they were being swept away by a warm eddy, which also happened to be carrying a young version of Bonney. Since Jinbei is a good swimmer, maybe he went in search of them. We don’t know what happened to the remainder of the team.

The current arc’s focal point will be Vegapunk
It’s taken a while, but the Marines will soon be prominent in a current story arc. Numbers of those now residing on the icy isle are revealed in One Piece Chapter 1061:
“The PH youngsters, Tashigi, and several SWORD members are at a Marine base on the island.” As Tashigi has suddenly appeared, it’s clear that Smoker isn’t too far behind. A winter setting will remind readers of Punk Hazard, another novel. Nothing about this makes sense to be a coincidence. What Blackbeard did in the last chapter will have significant repercussions in this one, to switch gears a bit. Friends of Koby’s are eager to rescue him from his current predicament:

Helleppo requests Seraphims from Vegapunk in order to rescue Koby
There is potential for trouble because the Seraphim project is powerful enough to replace the existing Warlord system. After Chapter 1061 of One Piece, Luffy and his crew will need to be extra cautious.

The young girl identifies as Vegapunk
Of all the early spoilers, this one might be the most startling. The last words of One Piece Chapter 1061 are as follows:
There’s a female who says her name is Vegapunk who shows up at the conclusion of the chapter. An earlier assertion made by a Marine officer in Chapter 658 of One Piece is explicitly refuted by this. Vegapunk was rumoured to be an old guy. It’s hard to know if the little girl is joking or speaking the truth. Vegapunk’s appearance should be seen as definitive proof that we have entered the final act of One Piece. The scientist knows the truth about a lot of things, including what Devil Fruits really are. The events of One Piece Chapter 1061 will undoubtedly be historic.

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