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[Trending] One Piece Chapter 1061 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Expectations, Recap, Plot & More leaks

Early on Tuesday, reliable sources such as Redon and @YonkouProd (Yonkou) on Twitter began teasing the release of One Piece Chapter 1061. As of the writing of this article, no concrete evidence has emerged from the hints that have been dropped, although fans have gleaned a few things. Because Chapter 1060 ended on such an exciting note, readers are paying closer attention to the indications for Chapter 1061 of One Piece. With so little information available, it is safe to assume that Chapter 1061 will be another high-quality issue for readers.

Unexpected events and a dip in quality are hinted at in One Piece Chapter 1061
On September 17, readers got their first taste of what was to come with a teaser for One Piece Chapter 1061. Although the post has been removed, screenshots appear to show the indication was an angel emoji followed by a female emoji. So many people are hoping that Urouge will show out to support Jewelry Bonney, and they may be right. However, there are many who believe the suggestion is actually about Bonney. Maybe she turns out to be a Birkan, a Skypiean, or a native of some other Sky Island that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

Others have speculated that the angel emoji is meant to represent the Lunarians, implying that either Bonney has insider knowledge of the group or is a Lunarian herself. The following chapter 1061 hint for One Piece came out early on Tuesday, September 20th. The reliable serial leaker and Twitter user Yonkou dropped a hint this time, telling fans to “expect the unexpected.” The extremely cryptic warning, typical of Yonkou’s clues, offered no indication of what it meant, prompting followers to begin wildly speculating.

The prior clue, together with this one, has led many readers to speculate that either Urouge will make an appearance in this issue or that Bonney’s family history will be revealed. The next hint was also released on Tuesday morning, September 20th, adding more support to the latter argument. The GIF clue shows two men dancing in a room while a strobe light flashes; it was posted by Redon. The flashing of the strobe light has led many readers to speculate that the magazine would feature a flashback—most likely Bonney’s.
But the memory doesn’t have to be about Bonney’s childhood or how she got to be where she is now.

There is a school of thought amongst fans that Reverie and Kuma are more likely to feature in her flashback than any sort of character development or backstory. Given the recent issues’ focus on Reverie’s happenings, this makes perfect sense.

Similarly, Redon provides the fourth and final hint for One Piece Chapter 1061. Unfortunately, the only clue is a remark on the chapter itself, in which Redon describes the current issue as “quite excellent” and “interesting” but not “extraordinary” in comparison to the preceding three. As of right now, this is all that readers of One Piece have to go on in terms of Chapter 1061’s plot details. Fans don’t have to wait very much longer for further information about the issue since more hints will likely be provided today, and spoilers will be published by Wednesday night.

Date of Publication for One Piece Chapter 1061
On September 25, 2022, readers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe may expect to find One Piece Chapter 1061 in stores. The publication date of Chapter 1061 in Japan is slated for September 26, 2022.

When Will One Piece 1061 Be Posted?
As of September 26, 2022, at 12 AM JST, the next instalment of One Piece will be available in Japan. The following release schedules apply to your area if the data provided above holds true:
Sundays at 9:00 p.m. PST
Sundays at 11 a.m. in the Central Time Zone
Sunday at Midnight Eastern Time
This Sunday at 17:00 in the UK

The Next Chapter of One Piece Will Have Major Plot Points
No big spoilers have been posted online by fans as of this writing. Still, most people count on the Straw Hats’ conversation with Bonney to carry on. The team will discover what happened to her, too. On the other side, it is possible to conduct a review of the surviving warlords, with a focus on Edward Weevil.

Fans also anticipate learning what happened to Luffy and Chopper after they were swept away by the storm. This page will be revised if a big spoiler is revealed. Keep checking back for updates to this page as we add any and all information we can get our hands on regarding One Piece Chapter 1061!

One Piece’s newest chapter exposes Luffy’s dream, which comes as a shock to the Straw Hat Pirates. The aftermath of the calamity in the Lulusia Kingdom has left Sabo’s whereabouts unclear. When, where, and how you may expect to read One Piece Chapter 1061 are all detailed here.

Summary of “One Piece” Chapter 1060
When they return to Thousand Sunny, Robin shocks Luffy with the news that Sabo is suspected of killing Vivi’s father, Nefertari Cobra. Incredulous, Luffy listened to what was being said. Given that the Revolutionary Army was fighting against international aristocrats rather than regional monarchs, Robin was in agreement. Being a veteran of two years of service in the Revolutionary Army, Robin is well aware of this. According to the headlines, the Revolutionary Army has declared war on the Celestial Dragons. Revolutionary Chief of Staff Sabo killed Alabasta’s King Cobra. However, Vivi, Cobra’s daughter, has vanished. Luffy orders his gang to Alabasta with a shout. Zoro, however, thought that it was a bad plan and thus rejected it. Cobra is dead, and Vivi hasn’t been seen since she left Mary Geoise. While the gang is on their way to Mary Geoise, Caribou overhears Luffy and Zoro arguing over Luffy’s foolish plan from inside a closed barrel and draws the conclusion that they are on their way to Mary Geoise.

Despite Zoro’s reminder that the Navy’s headquarters are in Alabasta, Luffy maintained his position and continued the argument. Also, Zoro pointed out that they had zero leads, therefore it was a terrible plan despite Luffy’s pleas. The rest of the team soon started voicing their dismay at the news. Sanji can’t hold back his tears as he ponders Vivi’s whereabouts. Usopp agrees with Chopper that Cobra was very kind to them, and the former starts crying as a result of the memory. Nami heaves a sigh of amazement, split between concern for Vivi and admiration for how she’s been managing things. According to Jinbe, it was a challenging year of reflection. Franky is convinced that the Sabo of the news is the same man they encountered in Dressrosa. Brook, on the other hand, draws the conclusion that nobody he knows is dissatisfied with the state of affairs in Alabasta’s government. Zoro is trying to bring Luffy, Nami, and Chopper back to reality as they are having a panic attack. Remember what I said about Ace, Zoro urged Luffy. Luffy was disheartened to recall his earlier declaration that Ace went on his own journeys. Just like Luffy had faith in Ace to make his own way until he required aid, Zoro instantly confronts Luffy by stating that Vivi can also hold her own.

Zoro wraps off the discussion by asking everyone there to quit complaining and have confidence. If, however, a window of opportunity opens itself, they will jump at the chance.
Thus, Zoro was dubbed “green Kaidou,” “crappy moss head,” “green mama,” and “oni onigashima” by the rest of the team. While Zoro and Sanji continue to joke in the background, Robin recalls that a lot has changed since they were in Wanokuni. As a matter of fact, the situation is fast worsening. Robin keeps talking, saying that the elimination of warlords has reintroduced the world’s most skilled pirates to the high seas. This clarifies why the Cross Guild existed and why Buggy the Clown has crowned Emperor, both of which continue to infuriate and confound Luffy. Since Luffy already has a lot on his plate, Robin chooses to put down the newspaper. Luffy requested only that she let him know of any noteworthy developments that he should monitor. As he lies on the ground, Luffy says that Sabo is innocent, and Nami readily agrees with him. Luffy reveals that Sabo was raised in an extremely restrictive environment and that all he wants is for other people to be spared the same ordeal.

Luffy goes on to inform everyone that when talking about their dreams, he and Sabo and Ace took an oath to each other. A younger Sabo, in a flashback, recalls wanting to see the globe and document his experiences in a book. The reminiscence abruptly ended just as Luffy was about to describe his dream. Luffy reportedly told his crew about his dream, however, this is not shown in the chapter. The pirates in Luffy’s family had a range of emotions toward his fantasy. Chopper is too giddy, Robin shows no emotion, Sanji laughs uncontrollably and tells Chopper that Luffy has to get a grip, and both Franky and Usopp laugh as they tell Luffy that his dream is lovely and amazing. Usopp asks Luffy if he is serious, Nami sighs in surprise, Jinbe asks Luffy to repeat himself, and Zoro is stunned.
Then, Usopp broke the news to Luffy that his wish was unrealistic. But Luffy vowed that things will change for the better once he was crowned King of the Pirates.

As an added bonus, Luffy recalls that, until this moment, he had only shared his dream with Shanks, Ace, and Sabo. Luffy was questioned about the reaction of the three, and he said they laughed so hard they were crying. Still, Luffy hopes to one day realise his vision and complete his life’s work. Jinbe laughed out loud and pointed out that, because he volunteered to join Luffy’s crew, the situation was now officially his responsibility. When Nami says that Luffy’s dream sounds like him, Chopper bursts into tears again from the amazement and wonder of Luffy’s dream. Franky then chimes in, telling Luffy that finding the final lode poneglyph is all that stands between him and the realisation of his goal, causing Robin to comment that Franky made it seem too easy. Robin stresses the length of time that has passed since a poneglyph was last spotted. There is a problem, though: they have no notion where to look first. While Sabo was on the phone with the Kamabakka Queendom, the Marines at HQ realised that he wasn’t employing a white transponder snail to jam the conversation and reveal his location.

The marines discovered the Gorosei were in the Lulusia Kingdom when they followed Sabo’s trail there. The Five Elders start recommending the rebellious Lulusia Kingdom as a safe haven for Sabo. Lulusia was one of eight countries to rise up in the past several days.
While recounting the events of Mary Geoise, Sabo describes seeing something fantastic, as if the sky were darkening and a gigantic object was approaching from behind the clouds.
The King of Lulusia, Seki, and his daughter, Komane, were imprisoned there. People in the village urge them to admit their guilt as Imu watches from the shadows. As far as Sabo can tell, whatever happened in the Pangaea Castle royal room was a very serious matter indeed. Gorosei gave the command to disable the transponder snails used by the surveillance division, and an X appeared on the map, indicating Lulusia’s whereabouts.
After much thought, Sabo has come to the conclusion that the throne of the King of the World is not vacant.

Instead, Koala is at the Kamabakka Queendom’s Den Den Mushi chatting with Sabo.
Then, to everyone’s relief, Sabo admits to Dragon that he did not murder Cobra and expresses regret for the hardship he’s caused the Revolutionary Army. Nothing strange has happened with the monitoring division today, and nothing has been intercepted, the Gorosei say, save for the fact that Lulusia does not exist. At that very time, a ray of light blinds the citizens of Lulusia, as Imu’s eyes grow larger. Within a short time after that, a beam of light from above annihilated the nation of Lulusia. There were rumours of earthquakes off the southwest coast, and Koala’s phone contact with Sabo was cut short. A few days later, when they approach an island with a winter climate, the Straw Hat Pirates have a challenging day at sea. Even worse, a huge, upward-moving heated eddy is just next to them. A human being was spotted by Luffy, caught in the eddy. Zoro decided to cut the eddy in order to free the trapped individual. But the fierce winds blew Chopper off the ship. As Luffy gave pursuit, he too was blasted away. And just in the thick of all this, the individual who had been caught in the eddy emerged. One of the Worst Generation pirates, Jewelry Bonney, was found to have a 320 million berry bounty. Suddenly, Jewelry Bonney shrunk and took on the appearance of a young woman.

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