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Rerolling Gear Abilities in Splatoon 3

Abilities have always been a source of advantage in Splatoon, but mastering the basics remains crucial. The third instalment, simply titled “Splatoon 3,” improves upon the formula established by its predecessors while also introducing some welcome new twists. In-game, having access to a wide variety of items and weapons gives you more leeway to experiment with and perfect a wide variety of play styles and skills.

Each piece of equipment has a secondary ability called an “Ability Slot,” and you may reroll your gear’s abilities to give them new bonuses. Can’t help but wonder how you managed it. Read on to learn how to re-roll your gear’s abilities in Splatoon 3. Many novices and old fans of the franchise are loving Splatoon on their Nintendo Switches.

It offers a lot of improvements over the previous games, such as new gameplay elements, a plot, aesthetics, and optimization. In Splatoon 3, increasing the star power of a piece of equipment is the only way to unlock its secondary passive ability. Certain passive powers of your equipment can surprise enemies on the battlefield and change the tide of combat in your favour. However, your gear may have a skill that you never use.

When that happens, it might be frustrating. The good news is that you may reroll your ability slots until you find a combination that works for you. You can change the secondary ability of your preferred piece of equipment if you find that you no longer find it useful. For information on how to reroll abilities, continue reading below.

In Splatoon 3, it is possible to reroll the abilities of your gear.
A specific non-playable character named “Murch” is required to reroll gear abilities in Splatoon 3. You may find him waiting in the lobby if you go to Splitsville. He stands out from the crowd with his bright red and orange shirt and blue slacks. Just talk to him and he’ll offer to reroll your ability slots on your gear. In Splatoon 3, every piece of gear has its own unique ability, with the maximum being three powers. Prepare to devote more time to the game if you want to increase its capabilities by gaining XP for that piece of equipment.

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