[Updated] Spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 352 Raw Scans, Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect in this Chapter

Expected to see an exponential spike in temperatures and exchange between Shoto and Dabi Flashfire fists. Shoto, on the other hand, ensured that the battle did not go as planned. Because of his mother’s eccentricity, the icy-hot hero has frozen the location. It was a brilliant countermeasure against Dabi’s firepower. What can he do to Dabi’s head? Similarly to Midoriya, Shoto is attempting to support his adversary. But why not? Dabi is still Shoto’s older brother and a victim of Endeavor’s hubris, despite the fact that they disagree. Rather than assassinating Dabi, he is attempting to resurrect the long-lost Toya Todoriki from the depths of the darkness. The most recent My Hero Academia manga chapter updates can be found right here.

When Will My Hero Academia release?
‘Talk to Jutsu’ will continue in the future chapter, when Shoto will try to settle their hostility via conversation. My guess is that Endeavor will show up and make amends for his previous actions. If Dabi is persuaded by them, it will be nothing short of a miracle. To prevent him from revolting or causing additional harm, the heroes must kill him. In the meantime, Midoriya will show up at the flying jail where Shigaraki is being held hostage for the time being. Due to Shigaraki’s current state, Midoriya will be forced to use all of his One for All quirk.

Warning: This chapter contains major plot twists and surprises
A flashback to the night before the ultimate fight shows Midoriya worried about his brother’s impending struggle with his brother in Chapter 352. Shoto is sorry for breaking his pledge to his father, whom he knows would be displeased with him. It is his belief that the Todoroki family’s misdeeds are to blame for Dabi, and he is the only one who can bring this to a stop. It’s a struggle he can’t afford to miss.

To return to the current conflict, Shoto uses a unique type of flame that does not cause any harm to the objects it comes into contact with. Using both Shoto’s freezing and burning sides simultaneously is the secret to this apparently impossible skill. As a result, his body maintains a state of homeostasis. The term “cold fire” is a good one to use. Despite Endeavor’s wishes, he ended up employing ice as a coolant to raise the temperature of his own body. With the help of his Burning Ice Blade, Shoto is able to endure Dabi’s Flashfire Fist.

However, despite their brotherly bond, the Todoroki brothers appear to be quite different individuals. Shoto realises he isn’t fighting alone as Dabi closes in on him and prepares to set him ablaze. Classmate has always been there for him, and he appreciates that. Despite the fact that they appeared to be ahead of him, they were really immediately next to him. He comes to grips that he may have turned into a monster like Dabi if it weren’t for his buddies. There’s always a way to get back, no matter how late in the game you are, says Shoto after defeating Dabi, For Dabi, there is no other way to move on with his life except to go back and make things right.

Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia Read Online
Online portals including manga plus, vizmedia, and Shonen Jump’s official app will have the latest chapter of Boku no Hero Academia. It will be free to read through the last three chapters, but you will need a premium membership to view the rest of the catalogue.

The release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 352
Today, May 15, 2022, is the publishing date for My Hero Academia’s 352nd chapter. Don’t miss out on the new chapters that are released every Sunday as the manga nears its last clash between the heroes and evil.

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