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There will be no more Black Clover Chapter 332 until Yki Tabata has had a chance to recuperate and write the final manuscripts for the manga’s last story, which he and Shonen Jump have confirmed to the media. The series has sparked a lot of interest & anticipation among fans. There will be a delay between the publication of the RAW version and the translation. You can keep track of when Black Clover Chapter 332 will be released with this Countdown.

A Japanese manga series produced in the United Kingdom by Yki Tabata and directed by Tatsuya Yoshihara, Black Clover features artwork by Tabata. As of October 2021, the manga has been published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine since February 2015. In North America, Viz Media licences the manga, while Crunchyroll and Funimation licence the anime.

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Asta, a young orphan born without magical talents, is the protagonist of the novel. The other magicians in the room don’t know this since it seems like everyone has magical abilities. Yuno, a boy from the orphanage where Asta was reared, became a buddy of Asta’s. Wind magic is Yuno’s area of expertise, and he was born with it. The two youngsters become friendly rivals as they vie to be the next wizard king of the Clover Kingdom.

As a first step toward their goals, they each join two separate bands of magic knights. The Night of the Midnight Sun, an extreme gang whose commanders are being led by a Devil to exact revenge on the Clover kingdom, confronts them as they begin their trip. While Asta and Yuno are on their way to the Spade Kingdom to face the Dark Triad, they come face to face with the Dark Triad’s plot to bring the Devil into their realm.

The release date of Black Clover Chapter 332 on HIATUS has been permanently postponed
Chapter 332 of Black Clover has been postponed indefinitely so that Yki Tabata, the manga’s creator, may take some time off to work on the last saga’s manuscripts. Shonen Jump’s editorial staff decided to put Black Clover on a pause so that Yki Tabata could recuperate and concentrate on the manga’s final arc,” Anime News Network tweeted.

Black Clover Chapter 332: Where to Find It Online
Despite the fact that the release of Black Clover Chapter 332 has been postponed indefinitely, you may still read the previous chapter and chapter 332 when it becomes available. You may read the forthcoming Black Clover Chapter 332 on Manga Plus and VIZ Media.

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