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It’s the end of another fantastic voyage, and the one who’d been waiting for it finally has it. Finally, Kaido’s flashback has arrived, and it’s as stunning as fans had hoped. There has been new dawn in Wano after Kaido received the fatal blow that has been dooming Samurai and Pirates alike. The raw scans for One Piece’s Chapter 1049 are now available, so let’s get started. This post will include spoilers for an upcoming chapter, so proceed with caution.

Where Can I Find Chapter 1049 Of One Piece Online?
On Sunday, 15 May 2022, the next chapter of One Piece will be released. Viz and Mangaplus will have it available for viewing once it has been published.

Raw Scans of One Piece Chapter 1049
Luffy’s “Bazrang Gun” (a reference to Hanuman, the Monkey God) landed on Kaido in the last chapter. Kaido’s new fire dragon form was meant to meet his punch head-on. Just like the last chapter, the new one opens where the previous one left off with Kaido and Luffy struggling with their Hakis. As Luffy closes in on Kaido with his punch, the latter commends Luffy for his perseverance in making it thus far. Luffy, on the other hand, is told by Kaido that he can’t alter the world. Then we return to Vodka, 46 years ago, where Kaido lived and was most likely born.

Kaido’s recollections
Kaido was a beast even when he was a ten-year-old, according to the flashback. Even though Kaido was only a few years old, he was a force to be reckoned with. Kaido’s hatred of the World Government and the heavenly dragons has always been a part of his personality. After Kaido became unmanageable, his nation offered him a job in the Navy, which he accepted. However, the Navy was never going to be able to support Kaido.

Even if Kaido were to be kidnapped, he would allow himself to be taken in order to eat aboard the Navy ship. At the tender age of 13, Kaido had amassed a berry harvest of 30 million pounds. At the age of 15, he was accepted into the Rocks Pirates by Whitebeard and himself. On his own, he made his way out of the God Valley after defeating the Rocks pirates. Kaido’s rule on Wano started ten years later when he was approached by the Kozumi clan’s surviving members.

In Kaido’s view, everything will centre on the former members of the rocks pirates from then on (likely following Roger’s death). As Kaido’s flashback draws to a close, he informs King that he has identified Joy Boy.

Swordsmen and pirates: Samurai
After a brief pause, the scene shifts to Kaido and Luffy’s battle, which appears to be intensifying. This person is seen running from the battleground. In the end, it appeared that he had. Meanwhile, we have a peek at all the Samurai and Pirates in Onigashima’s inferior fortress. Everyone is being saved from the flames by Raizo and Jinbei, who are dousing them with the water of Zou. Momonosuke, on the other hand, is still attempting to manoeuvre Onigashima out of the road and avoid colliding with the Flower Capital. There is a panel showing Denjiro consoling Hiyori on the second level of Onigashima for surviving so much.

“The World You Wish For,” the title of One Piece Chapter 1049, asks Luffy what kind of world he would like to live in. Luffy continues to restrain Kaido with his Bazrang Gun. Whose universe do you want to create? Kaido inquires. A world where Kaido’s companions may eat as much as they want. In his sleep, Kaido reflects on his encounter with King. Joy Boy will one day be able to defeat him, he says King. Momo is panting near Onigashima as he successfully lands on the Flower Capital’s side, while Luffy is unwittingly plummeting. One Piece Chapter 1049 has come to a conclusion. Next week is a break for One Piece, so fans will have to wait a bit longer for One Piece Chapter 1050 to be released.

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