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While Kaido and Luffy continue to fight, new information about One Piece chapter 1049 has leaked online, hinting that Kaido may go back in time to visit his boyhood. Is it just me, or does another week equal another chapter of One Piece? leaked spoilers are another reason why the series is trending ahead of its global release date.

Kaido-next Luffy’s battle has been leaked, along with a visit to Kaido’s boyhood home in the Vodka Kingdom. One Piece fans throughout the world are digesting these leaks. Warning: This page includes information that has been leaked from the raw scans of One Piece chapter 1049.

The release date and time for One Piece 1049 have been confirmed
It has been verified by Viz Media’s One Piece page that chapter 1049 will be released on May 15th.
According to Manga Plus, the next chapter will begin at the following international hours.
The time zone difference between the Pacific and Eastern time zones is 8 hours.
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) – 11 a.m.
4 p.m. British Summer Time (BST)
5 p.m. Central European Summer Time
The time in India is 8:30 PM IST –
11 p.m. PHT in the Philippines
12:30 a.m. Australian Standard Time (A.S.T.)
There are speculations that One Piece chapter 1050 would take a one-week hiatus before resuming on May 29th, which is unfortunate.

The renowned and trustworthy OPspoiler Twitter handle has already revealed the whole spoilers for One Piece chapter 1049 online. Per the post, the manga chapter titled “The World We Should Aspire To” would include a person burning Niji and Yonji’s book at the research faculty on the cover. Childhood memories are brought back to life in the Vodka Kingdom as Kaido recalls growing up in the kingdom and questioning global order.

King of the Vodka Kingdom sought to sell him for participation in Reverie when he was ten years old. It took him many attempts to evade the marines’ prison ships, with an initial price of 70 million berries on his arrest. He raises a commotion on Hachinosu Island, Blackbeard’s base camp when he is 15 years old. While there, he runs across Whitebeard, who introduces Kaido to Captain Rocks. With Granny Kurizumi, Orochi’s tutor, Kaido is hired as an apprentice and is presented to her.

After a few years, the Rock Pirates were allegedly defeated by a marine named Garp, who dissolved them. However, there are clues that Kaido fled again, with Big Mom yelling “Where did he go?!?” Kaido!! What the hell are you talking about? Kaido is sent back in time ten years after the Rock Pirates event in a second flashback. He tells Kaido he is the personification of brute might and offers him a deal. Following Oden’s request for preparedness in the event of his return, he then indicates to King that he knows who Joy Boy is.

With Hiyori in his arms, Denjiro can be seen saying to her, “You have done well, withstanding everything for all these years!” As Onigashima begins to crumble, Momonosuke hurries to build a fresh fire cloud using some of the water that has leaked from the castle thanks to Raizo. A world without hunger will be created by Luffy, and his pals will be able to “eat to their hearts’ delight.” In the next moment, he unleashes a devastating blow on Kaido, knocking him to the ground in the Flower Capital. Cut to the second flashback: Kaido claims to know who Joy Boy is and that he will overcome him at some time in the future, to which King responds, “if so…then it’s improbable that he will arrive. ”

Onigashima falls near the capital and Momonosuke falls to the Flower capital at the end of the chapter. In the following three days, additional in-depth spoilers are likely to surface online, so make sure to check back often.

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