The New Shonen Jump Series Ayashimon Is a Monstrous Version of One-Punch Man

Ayashimon, a new manga, bears many parallels with One-Punch Man while also standing out for its uniqueness.
Yuji Kaku, the creator of Hell’s Paradise, has a new series running in Shonen Jump that has a striking resemblance to the plot of One-Punch Man. Ayashimon is the story of a powerful young man named Maruo Kaido who is looking for meaning in his life. Maruo realizes that he can potentially confront a slew of worthy opponents after an exciting encounter with the underworld yakuza lord Urara.
Although the world-building in each story is different, there are certain parallels that may appeal to followers of both series. Let’s talk about how their commonalities can complement one another while being true to their unique stories through their differences.
Humans Are the Primary Protagonists
The main thing that Maruo and Saitama have in common is that they are both regular people. They began as regular people who encountered powerful opponents who humiliated them and fueled their desire to become the strongest person conceivable.
Every day, Saitama went through his classic workout of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and a 10 km run. Mauro, on the other hand, uses traditional training methods to attain his tremendous strength. They develop superhuman strength through typical but hard training.
Their goal is to capitalize on the series’ satire.
Maruo and Saitama are both looking for a bigger purpose. Maruo aspires to be the protagonist of a manga and have a good old-fashioned fistfight with deserving foes. The only thing he takes as a challenge is his desire to be in a life-or-death situation.
Saitama trained to become the strongest hero capable of defeating his opponents with a single punch, and by chance, he succeeded. The only problem is that he’s grown too powerful and no longer finds it fun to defeat opponents in a single blow.
They both have similar outlooks.
If you’ve seen One-Punch Man, you’ll recognize Saitama’s laid-back demeanor. Whatever the threat, he always appears unconcerned, preoccupied with the next best deal at the grocery.
Maruo is similar in that he is unaware of the extent of his strength; he carelessly moves from one job to the next until he destroys his possibilities with his gigantic strength. And his burning ambition to be a protagonist parallels Saitama’s yearning to become a great hero.
Their adversaries are distinct.
The opponents they fight are a significant variation between the two scenarios. Maruo is fighting Yakuza monster spirits in Ayashimon. When the spirits are in a fighting mood, they disguise themselves as people and display their ugly forms. Although the spirits appear to be powerful, Maruo is able to match them in terms of combat capability.
Saitama’s foes in One-Punch Man come from either a strange region of the universe or directly from the Monsters Association. All of the monsters are distinct in their own ways, and they appear to be relatively powerful when pitted against Earth’s heroes.
Saitama Has No Boundaries
Even though Maruo possesses superhuman power, he has difficulty dealing with the yakuza spirits’ horde. He is not invincible and sustains some terrible wounds, but enduring damage feeds his masochistic instincts to the point where he likes the excitement of nearly dying. He does not die, but he is not indestructible like Saitama. In addition, when he fights his opponents, Saitama does not fatigue or bleed. Normally, he just stands there with his famous blank stare until he obliterates his opponent with a single punch.
Mauro Is A Labrador Retriever
Mauro has already lost his freedom despite the fact that Ayashimon is only one chapter old since he establishes a contract with Urara through the Sakazuki Sake Cup. He is now her lap dog, and the plot is leaning toward the idea of her making him perform all of her dirty work. She will also have to persuade him that the things she has to do are worthy of his strength and could endanger her life.
This narrative is radically different from how Saitama acts on his own, but it somehow accomplishes the heroes’ goals. He reports to no one and occasionally learns from Genos, despite the fact that he is nominally his master. No one can disturb Saitama’s serene life because he is far too powerful.

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