Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 9: Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 9 reveals the mystery surrounding Beautiful Demon Zero and Kirinmaru’s daughter Rion. Towa relaxed in the even at the mountains, and Akiru arrived. Akuru is the spirit that Kirimaru wishes to catch to activate the Windmill. Towa wonders who the small guy is, then Riku and Rion come. Akiru vanishes, and Towa tells the two about the small boy he saw. From Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second Act’s latest episode, Riku requests Towa to let them follow her as she has been traveling alone.
Rion tells that Zero is after Towa; in the morning, Zero travel by the river heading to Nanahoshi’s mansion. She visited with Nanahoshi, who greeted her and informed her that she might grant her wish. Zero worries what Nanahoshi will desire after fulfilling her requests. Nanahoshi admits that he desire anguish and sadness in her heart. Zero accepted that offer and told him to go on with his plans. Nanahoshi demonstrated her greatest fragrant wood in the world, Mini Galaxy, and described how it works. He tested his spells, and he was startled to find that Zero had no anguish and sadness in her heart.
Zero summons her wicked attire and shows that she has locked all her tears within the seven-colored pearls. She also called all the pearls around her neck and immobilized Nanhoshi with her magic skills. Nanahoshi worries what Zero is planning to do with him. Zero announces that she would set a trap in this mansion. Setsuna, Kikara, and Hisui come on the other side with their troops. Hisui wonders what Setsu is doing, and Setsuna reveals that she is using hand cream. She discovers that Towa gave it to her before leaving the hamlet.

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Setsuna learns that Towa informed her that hand cream would help her from the sun and cold. Akiru meets Setsuna and wonders if the youngster has been lost, but he departs. She realizes that it must have been an apparition or a spirit. Moroha got imprisoned by the bears and stated that they knew that she was working for Takechiyo. Moroha chose to relax and not fight back. Towa and Rion arrive at the forest, and Rion enjoys a ride that Towa employs. Towa told her that it was a bicycle. Riku is keeping a distance as Kirinmaru might see that he is working with Towa.
The sky changes, and Riku notice that Rion thinks that Towa is unusual and has never backed down from a combat. Towa explains why she never retreats from a combat. Riku warns the two that they have a difficult guest. Beat King Kirinmaru appears, and Rion understands that it is her father. Riku decided to fight Kirinmaru to protect the two with his life. Setsuna and her crew arrive in another town. Hisui reveals about the shrine named the Blessing of the Five Grains. They met with Kuzu and Yamata.
Hisui learns that the Chief of the Great North is not accompanying them as he has turned old. But Goro will be assisting them; Kuzu is astonished to meet another Demon Slayer Lady since Lady Sango. They wonder if Setsuna will slay the demons. Yamata feels that it is a prank, and Setsuna tells him that he will see. Kuzu tells that they have gotten orders to murder a large head of Flame Bulls. They head out, and Setsuna defeated the Flame Bull with a single attack. Yamata confesses that she is stronger.

Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 9 Release Date

Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 9 will be uploaded online on 29 November 2021.
Riku wields his blade to face Kirinmarau, but Towa thinks her guts tell her they should go away.
Takechiyo attended a conference with her clan, and they assume that Moroha is the adversary of the Full Moon Raccoon Dog since she is the daughter of Kagome.
Kirinmaru finds that Towa saw Akiru and decided not to fight.
Moroha comes out of prison and battles with Raccoons.
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Watch Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second Act Episode 9 Online – Streaming DetailsYou can watch Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second- Act Episode 9 online on Crunchyroll & Funimation on Saturday at 5:30 PM JST.
If you are in countries that have access to JST, you can watch Yashahime: Princess-Half-Demon – The Second-Act Episode 9 online on Hulu & VRV via Crunchyroll.
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