Tesla Note Episode 9: When Will It Be Released, Spoilers, and Where Can I Watch It?

The mystery surrounding the stolen Tesla Shard begins in Tesla Note Episode 9, when Botan, Himi, Ryou, and other agents return to HQ. They informed the boss that they had lost the Tesla Shard, and the boss could not believe that they had let the Tesla Shard to be taken again. He asks them whether they understand what that implies, and he requests that the chairman meet with them. When the chairman notices the boss lecturing them, he questions him about the mission’s relevance. In the most recent episode of Tesla Note, the boss announces that if the agents fail to execute the assignment, they must commit themselves.
The chairman states that the importance of the mission is to return alive no matter what occurs because they will have the opportunity to reclaim the Tesla Shard. Botan, on the other hand, believes she is exhausted and informs the crew that she is resigning as an agent. The chairman decided to give Botan some time to think about it, knowing that once she was free, she would say what she desired. Kuruma is perplexed as to why Botan is bearing the responsibility and cannot believe she is resigning. When they got inside the car, they discussed it.
Botan believes she is incapable of handling a job that requires her to witness people sacrificing themselves. Kuruma reminds Botan that she has helped a lot of people. Botan wonders if she has turned into a murderer. The chairman realized Botan was stressed and informed the other agents they could discuss it later, but he would contact Botan. Himi, Ryo, and Kuruma discuss the next assignment in Tokyo as well as Botan’s home in Gifu, where she spent many years.

Previously on Episode 8 of Tesla Note
Botan has been returned home by the chairman, who believes that her heart will heal while she is there. Himi and the others accompany Botan to her home, but they also decide to take a break, and Kuruma discloses that he will to the mountains. When they get in the highlands, Kuruma notices that Botan and her grandfather live in a massive mansion. Ryo believes Kuruma will accompany them to the mountains, while Kuruma believes staying would be beneficial to him. Ryo believes that leaving Botan with Kuruma is too risky since they might start fighting.
Botan follows convention and ignores the two as they converse. Kuruma and Ryo assumed that conversing would cause Botan to intervene and speak with them. She continued to perform her usual things alone and prepare supper for everyone. Kuruma notices Botan paying reverence to her mother’s portrait. Ryo recognizes the lady in the photograph as Botan’s mother. Botan admits that her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, and she feels responsible for her mother’s death. Botan’s statement that she had become a killer is understood by the two.
Botan goes outside to enjoy the cold breeze, and Kuruma believes he can assist him. Ryo wonders what Kuruma is up to, and Kuruma says Ryo will never know because he has never dated a girl. Kuruma feels he is skilled at repairing a girl’s damaged heart. Ryo was determined to prove Kuruma wrong when they heard Botan scream. They arrive and discover that Botan has fallen with the package she was carrying. Botan apologizes for screaming as if she was in danger and reminds the two that things continue to fall in the ancient house.

Release Date for Tesla Note Episode 9
Tesla Note Episode 9 will be available on November 28, 2021. Kuruma assisted her in repairing broken items and assured her that he could repair everything she need. But Botan didn’t realize Kuruma was referring to a broken heart. Kuruma begins by laying forth his plan to cure Botan’s heart. Botan explains the significance of Tesla Shards to Kuruma and Ryo. Let’s take a look at the official Tesla Note Episode 9 details.

Streaming Information for Tesla Note Episode 9
Tesla Note Episode 9 will be available on Crunchyroll and Funimation on Sunday at 11:00 PM JST. Tesla Note Episode 9 is also available on ANIPLUS and YouTube’s official channel. Botan told the two about her family’s past and how she needed to aid before deciding not to abandon Mission T. After three episodes, Tesla Note will come to an end. Let’s get together when Tesla Note Episode 9 comes out.

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