Pokémon GO Mischief Unbound Event Will End The Season

Niantic has announced the latest event in the Season of Mischief, the Mischief Unbound event, which will also culminate Pokémon GO Season 9.

In a new release, Pokémon GO creator Niantic stated that the forthcoming Mischief Unbound event will be the last of Season 9. The Mischief Unbound event, which was revealed weeks ago, will give players the chance to catch Pokémon GO’s rare Hoopa Unbound and win bonus goodies by participating.

Pokémon GO normally splits the year into four, separate seasons. Each season has a unique theme, and generally contains several events fitting within that theme. During Season 9, which was themed around mischief, Hoopa returned with various Pokémon from Pokémon Sword & Shield such Zacian and Zamazenta.

Players got to engage in many events focused on those Pokémon. The Season of Mischief was most notable for introducing the new form-changing mechanism to Pokémon GO, which allowed players to change their Pokémon’s look.

Unlike the brief Mega Evolutions, form alterations persist until the trainer elects to equip a new appearance. At the same time that form modifications were announced, during the Fashion Week event, Niantic launched Hoopa Unbound, promising that trainers who completed the season’s research line before the season concluded would be able to earn new rewards.

In a recent article, Niantic has revealed the impending Mischief Unbound event, which will usher in the end of Season 9. As promised, Niantic informed that players who have finished the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research tale would unlock the new Special Research story, involving a bottle and poem that mysteriously emerged outside Professor Willow’s lab.

Players will leverage the relationship they formed with Hoopa to solve the secrets of this new Special Research narrative. In addition, this last event will also feature more Raids, Spotlight hours, and opportunity to add bonus awards.

The Season of Mischief will conclude on November 30, when the Mischief Unbound ends. This implies that players who wish to earn any of the season’s awards have only a week left to do so. One reward that most Pokémon GO fans do not seem to be keen to claim, however, is the recently-announced Ed Sheeran Avatar Item.

Although the cooperation with Sheeran was pretty interesting and allowed Pokémon GO users the opportunity to catch uncommon Squirtles wearing sunglasses, the performance was first met with considerable skepticism when it was announced. Still, Season 9 should still include opportunities for players to catch Pokémon and unlock rewards they want.

Pokémon GO’s Season 10 will begin on December 1 once Season 9 closes. Niantic has not yet disclosed the theme of the next season, and it’s hard to use last year’s event as any type of indication given last year’s winter season was focused on commemorating Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. Until then, though, users will have to try to discover Pokémon GO’s puzzles that their Hoopa can help solve.

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