Fallout Players Roast Their Least Favorite NPCs In Every Game

A recent Reddit post urges players to choose their least favorite Fallout NPC from entire series and trash them. Many players agree on who is the worst. One Fallout player has canvased the community for thoughts on the NPCs from the series that were the most dull, aggravating, or just plain mean and the findings are rather fascinating.

Fallout has been a classic in gamers’ collections and many have happy recollections of playing through the series. Every player can definitely point to their favorite NPC from the series, but odds are they will be quicker to tell who their least favorite NPC was.

Fallout is a role-playing game where the player takes on the character of a survivor after a nuclear war. Players go through the world meeting several NPCs over their time. Some of these NPCs might be helpful on a player’s adventures, offering cover and assisting battle foes. Other Fallout NPCs are not that helpful and just reside in the world uttering the same few lines over and over again or giving insightful nuggets of knowledge.

There are several distinct NPCs in each of the cities and roaming the wasteland. Each of them has a unique and interesting tale, and some are fleshed out more than others. In a recent Reddit post, user HenrysOrangeBank questioned the Fallout community which NPC was gamers’ least favorite and got a surprising amount of responses. NPCs from all of the games were listed, but there seems to be a general consensus of who was the ultimate worst.

The overwhelming winner was Fallout: New Vegas’ own Oliver Swanick, so much so he now has a dedicated subreddit. In the game, Swanick finds the player in the city of Nipton and proceeds to tell the player that he won the lottery which allowed him to live. Players go on to realize that the lottery he won was the cleansing of the city and he is the only person still alive.

Another nominee for least favorite was Deputy Beagle, also from Fallout: New Vegas. Deputy Beagle is a temporary companion and comes along with the player throughout a quest. Other notable characters on the list are Dermot and Saint James from Fallout: New Vegas and Joanne Lynette from Fallout 2. Players had fun roasting these NPCs and presenting their favorite anecdotes about why their choice was the worst. Overall, Oliver and Deputy Beagle took the cake.

Every gamer can certainly remember their favorite NPC moment. Whether they remember an NPC doing something like truly saving them from a battle or glitching into a wall and rendering them absolutely useless, the interactions may make the game. Players were dismayed when Bethesda did not include NPCs in Fallout 76 but happily an update included them in later in the game.

It is always amusing to discuss over which NPC is the worst. The talk also brought up some happy memories of playing the Fallout series and transported players back into that realm. With the promise of a new Fallout game on the horizon, it will be fascinating to meet the new NPCs and discover what they have in store.

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