Black Clover Chapter 315: Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Where To Read?

Black Clover Chapter 315 reveals the collapse of Supreme Devils and the rising of additional stronger Devils outside the Spade Kingdom Castle. The warriors outside the castle are astonished to find stronger Devils and but they were impressed to see a Mage punishing those Devils. The Mage is revealed to be Mereoleona Vermillion. Black Clover has been uncovering the conflict between the Devils and the Magic Knights with their allies. From Black Clover’s latest chapter, Mereoleona Vermillion begins to defeat the Ancien Demon that has suddenly risen.

Mereoleona recognizes that she is at an advantage as she is employing Hellfire Incarnate. Nozel thinks that there is much work to accomplish, while Langris is thinking about Captain William. The Black Bulls have completed punishing Morris and reuniting with Captain Yami. Before they pull Yami out of his position, a secret power awakens, and Morris thank mankind for assisting him. Morris’s face begins to transform as the spell between Yami and William acts. Mereoleon smashed the Ancient Demon and pins it with the ground. The guys watching the combat are impressed that Mereoleona vanquished the Demon.
But more Devils and Demons start showing up, and Mereleona is not worried as the Hellfire Incarnate gets hotter when the enemy increase. She commented that she would wipe out the leftover rubbish in front of them. The second level of the Underworld begins to open, and Morris tells the Black Bulls that the gates are opening swiftly. He is delighted that he can meddle with low-devel from Underworld while buying time for Qliphoth to emerge. Asta and the other recognize that they are in danger and get ready to battle. A voice informs that it has taken out the last drop of Morris’s life, and the Underworld is opened to the second level.

Previously on Black Clover Chapter 314

The Devils turn up in numbers, and Captain Yami watched the Black Bulls risking their lives to save him. The warriors outside begin to watch weird energies that turn the Devils into concrete and wonder what is happening. The castle also turns concrete while the other Devils get united into one, providing a vessel that ”he” may manifest. The gravity magic pins everyone with the floor and understands that the Devil has Dante, the Ultimate Devil.
The warriors wonder what will happen to the world since it is trembling due to gravity magic and they are getting pushed down with the tremendous power of gravity. But Charmy enables everyone to recover their Mana and serve them food that aids them. Charmy also fed her sheep, and everyone resurrected their power to 100 percent . Vanessa employs Fate Manipulation: Absolute Evasion, and they also use Matter Conversion: Castle Black Bulls Hideout.
The Black Bulls began to unleash numerous spells to oppose the gravity magic. Gauche uses Grey Multiplication Recombination, while Gordon uses Curse Diversion: Magic Absorption, and they both declared they don’t care whether it is the Ultimate Devil. The Ultra Giant Black Bull appears after combining such magic powers.
Yami is still stuck with Willaim in the center of a magic circle. The Black Bulls are ready for the big battle and to save Captain Yami. The story finishes with a voice saying, “Get lost already.” The second half of the war is about to begin, and this might be the ultimate struggle once the Black Bull unleashes Ultra Black Bull. The portal of the Underworld continues to open, by there is still a mystery behind that. Let’s look at the update of Black Clover below.

Black Clover Chapter 315 Release Date
Black Clover Chapter 315 will be released on 28 November 2021. The secret about Dante’s Devil will be disclosed in the future chapter because Asta, and the others killed Dante. The Black Bulls will be taking care of the strange enemy in the forthcoming chapter. Henry played a significant role by coming all the parts of Ultra Bull Bul. Let’s look at Black Clover Chapter 315 official facts.

Read Black Clover Chapter 315 Online – Raw Details
You will be able to read Black Clover Chapter 315 online on Shonen Jump’s official website. Black Clover Manga’s current development and chapters are also published on Shueisha’s online magazine and VIZ Media every Sunday. The manga offers the new chapter on weekends, and Black-Clover Chapter 315 spoilers will appear this week. Let’s meet when Black Clover-Chapter 315 is released.

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