Black Clover: Yami’s most powerful magic offers the most hopeful outcome

Although there is a great deal of chaos going on in Chapter 313 of the Black Clover manga, the Black Bulls are reunited with Yami in a touching reunion.
Precautionary note: The following section includes spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 313, “The Captain of the Black Bulls,” by Yuki Tabata, Taylor Engel, and Annaliese “Ace” Christman, which is now available in English via Viz Media.
Chapter 313 delves into Yami’s true motivations for forming his own magical brigade, which was previously disclosed by Nacht in Black Clover as the tragic history of Morgan, which was the catalyst for his decision to become a Captain for a magical brigade. The Black Bulls give the image of being a group of delinquents destined to cause trouble, which is exactly what Yami was aiming for when he formed the squad in the first place.
A more legitimate purpose for seeking out unhappy individuals was to provide them with a fighting chance and an environment in which they could feel accepted, which led to the formation of the Black Bulls. The Black Bulls are possibly the most powerful brigade in the entire Clover Kingdom because of Yami’s personal connection to each and every one of its members.
Black Clover Chapter 313 depicts the pivotal events in each member’s life as Yami recruits them into the Black Bulls, which ultimately determines their fate. No other brigade has the majority of their mages recruited through nontraditional means like this one. Asta was presumably the only mage chosen from the magical knight selection at the outset, with the exception of perhaps Noelle. When it comes to narrative armour, the love that the Black Bulls have with their commander is something that many other characters from many series have also demonstrated, so this wonderful reunion just begs the question: is Yami’s journey about to come to an end?
His personal background has always highlighted how he was regarded as an unruly foreigner with potentially hazardous magical abilities. Others were intimidated by his dark magic, but those who truly knew the affinity of magic were drawn to Yami’s individuality. It’s what attracted in the people he deems significant to him, and it’s what caused them to have an impact on his development as a magician.
The fact that Yami is able to comprehend problematic persons better than anybody else is highlighted by Morgan, who claims that this is because he can identify to their feeling of being cut off from society. Knowing that the other brigade leaders were going to prioritise choosing the top prospects for their own teams speaks something about the type of leader who was predestined to be in his position. He didn’t choose the outcasts because they were troublemakers; rather, he chose them because their hearts were unsettled and in need of the proper direction.
Due to their open declaration of affection for their captain, the Black Bulls’ camaraderie has now transcended all divisions and boundaries that existed between them previously. It will be the catalyst that permits them to overcome their prior limitations, something that no other magical knights have accomplished. As things stand, the Black Bulls have the strongest sense of brotherhood of any club in the league.
Until this point in Black Clover, every member of the Black Bulls has pushed themselves beyond their former boundaries in some way. Although Yami’s famous tagline to “surpass your limitations” has been their mantra since its inception, is there a point at which no one is ready to reach to protect those they care about? On the surface, it appears as though the current arc is setting up a tense conflict that will push Yami to his limits and serve as a catalyst for the sacrifices that will be required to defeat the Devils.
If Yami were to pass away, Nacht would almost certainly take over as captain of the ship. At this moment, they are all willing to go to any length to help their commander, and he is willing to do the same for them. It’s difficult to imagine the leader of the Black Bulls passing away when the magical knights who can save individuals who are on the verge of death are still alive. It would propel Black Clover forward and give other characters the opportunity to assume the role of leader. At this point, the only thing that is definite is that there is now a genuine beam of hope at the end of the tunnel of despair.

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