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To save his captain and the rest of the crew, Yuno Grinberryall will stop at nothing. A new “Black Clover” chapter featuring Yuno retaliating against Zenon will likely be leaked on Thursday, with spoilers, raw scans, and more to come.

A well-armed Yuno declares himself to be the Magic Emperor, armed only with his grimoire. Zenon will lose, according to him.

A few chapters ago, Final realized that Langris would not endure much longer. As a result, they made haste to resolve the situation. Zenon, meantime, was well aware of Fingal’s teleportation speed. Furthermore, he was aware of the goals that Final and Langris had set for themselves.

When they appeared in front of him, Zenon said that he would put an end to them. After getting closer to Zenon’s Mana Zone, Langris and Final attacked. Finally, Langris’ magic traveled through space since he employed the Mana technique to increase their speed.

He went on to say that the opponent had no chance of stopping the attack. When the credits rolled, we saw Yuno writhing in agony on the ground in the castle’s courtyard. He went on the hunt for Final and Langris immediately after that.

When Yuno learned that Zenon had beaten his buddies, she was furious. But, when it came to destroying his devil’s heart, Zenon claimed that not even Spatial Magic could succeed.

Yuno began formulating plans for Zenon to eliminate Langris and Final, but they were doomed to fail.

Yuno was dejected after Zenon said he had won the combat, and he wondered if he could beat him if he got up. Yuno reflected on his actions, which had resulted in the deaths of half of his squad as a result.

Even though he’d worked hard to earn a spot on the team, everything was unraveling around him. At the time, Yuno believed this was it for him. However, Asta’s pledge still stayed with him. That is then he saw his reflection, and he knew that he could defeat it with his strength.

Yuno was startled when he saw the apparition, and then a grimoire materialized in front of him. Chapter 309 of “Black Clover” is currently available in Manga Plus and Viz for those who want to check it out. The chapter will be released digitally on Sunday and in print on Monday.

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