[UPDATED] Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1018 Raw Scans Released Online

OTama made a big announcement. She ordered everyone who had her dumplings to donate their food to the Straw Hats or samurai fighting against Kaido. The majority of the Gifters turned on their crewmates, increasing the number of Waiters and Pleasures who joined their enemies. After concluding that the child had betrayed him, Queen was ready to storm the balcony where Nami, O-Tama, and Usopp were standing. However, Sanji prevented him from launching his attack.

Sanji was then informed by Queen that he was not only a former member of the MADS, the scientific research organization Vinsmoke Judge was a member of, but that he was also a cyborg. Chopper talked to Dr. Miyagi to learn more about the regenerative medicine the latter has.

It was decided that Zoro would take it in order to return to the fight. Jimbei was still arguing with Who’s Who, who told Jimbei that he was once a member of a secret organization 12 years back and was on the ship where the Gomu Gomu no Mi was taken from before Luffy ate the food.

The battle is now won by the Samurai, after Luffy’s defeat to Kaido. We’ll start with the most recent chapter updates since chapter 1017 spoilers offer fewer things. The recent updates revealed Nami’s nickname Zeus Wata, but Zeus didn’t like the nickname and decided to keep his real name.

Wata was revealed to be cotton by Zeus, who thinks it’s a strange name. Tama addresses the whole island about the details of the battle. She also spoke about the advance of Straw Hats.

Who’s Who had expressed hatred towards Jinbe in the previous chapters. Jinbe proudly claimed that he is the helmsman for the straw hats. Who’s Who has decided to defeat Jinbe and inflict Luffy’s hatred.

The manga seems to have settled on their fight and we’ll be getting more updates from them. We will see Jinbe at his full strength, which should make this exciting. 

It is also believed that Who’s Who has mastered the World Government fighting arts. This will make it interesting to see how he uses his techniques.

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