English Raw Scans for One Piece Chapter 1018 Leaked Online

One Piece 1018 spoilers were released today with more information. Fans are most interested in Who’s Who’s history, as it seems he had a tragic encounter with Jinbe in his past. They are now joined in the Onigashima War with Jinbe being the last straw hats holder at this point.

Who’s Who had expressed hatred towards Jinbe in the previous chapters. Jinbe proudly claimed that he is the helmsman for the straw hats. Who’s Who has decided to defeat Jinbe and inflict Luffy’s hatred.

Kaido’s men may be more powerful than their rivals, but they are being slashed one after another. Kaido knows the secret reason he arrived at Wanokuni. Later, Yamato and Kaido begin to fight.

Kaido feels insulted when Kaido calls him by his first name. Kaido instructed Yamato to address her as a father. Yamato realized that Kaido was too strong for her to defeat. She decided to fight until Luffy arrived. Yamato fights for her survival, waiting for Luffy.

The remaining opposition discovers that she made the announcement after she made it and become their next target. They think that killing her will bring their men back to their side. While Usopp, Nami grab O’Tama, Daifugu stops a few pirates from attacking them.

O-Tama gives Daifugu a thumbs-up when she says hello to him. Zeus questions Nami about her desire to be her service once again. She refuses but instead says that he would be her sidekick. A second announcement is made stating that some Headliners’ followers are now fighting for the Samurai due to their leaders turning and increasing the numbers in their favor.

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