One Piece Chapter 986: The ULTIMATE Battle Begins, IS THIS YOUR KING? Complete Review & Analysis

One piece chapter 986 is officially out so of course, it’s time to talk about it the cover page consists of the pound and it seems like his family actually leaving him because they do believe he is who he says he is I mean I’m not surprised if a man with a big face just shows up and says that you know I’m your father I’m not gonna lie I’d probably believe him but they don’t believe him so I’m not sure what’s next for this cover page but it seems like they’re leaving pound behind it’s obviously a gag this warrants achuckle it warrants a chuckle but anyway let’s get to the chapter because it was a very exciting chapter and it’s a lotto really get into okay now another kurozumi is downconjurer is supposedly dead which I don’t think is the case at all.

However this was inevitable he was challenging all the other scabbards by himself without really thinking about itlast chapter rochi got cut down thischapter is contro nownobody thought khandro could beat allthe scabbers by himself there was no waybut for him he was buying time so thatthey can execute momonosuke and thisgoes back to conjo’s loyalty in which it’s really unparalleled and unmatched that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for kurozumi but it’s hard forme to really think that the kurozumistoryline ends here it’s so much i thinkthat needs to be wrapped up in regardsto their history in which you know thesins of your fathers and the sins of your last namehow it truly impacts you and i think that’s part of the reason why it affected kiku so much of course ezo seems to be a bit disconnected becauseizo has not been in mono for a long timeso it’s not going to hit izo the sameway even though izo is a scabbard orsuppose izo was a retainer of odin’s forchondro based on how he was raised and who he was it seems like this is one of the few routes he could take being an actor wasa fiber of his being so for themthe memories that they shared with him.

they were real so the quote unquotemurder this man it genuinely hurt themkinimon and dendro being the supposedleaders of the scabbards at this point it makes a lot of sense dendro not onlysuffering for 20 years working withorochi and kinemon being somewhat odin’sfirst retainer they’ve kind of earnedthis spotand not to say that all the scabbersdidn’t go through their own things butfor dendro he had to be subservient to the man for 20 years that was or he hada hand in killing odin and he did allthis while protecting hiyori and kinamonon.

The other handit wasn’t a 20-year thing but he had toprotect momonosuke so these two in particular they’re in charge of carryingon odin’s legacy figuratively andliterallyfiguratively and literally and we also can’t ignore the fact that these are histwo first retainers so i didn’t mind itat alltranslation here clears up the ezo andkinemon moment in which ketuman he’s already somewhat made his last standwhen they first got to nigoshima himdestroying his ships he does not plan toleave wano or leave onigishima withoutkaido’s head and for izo he clarified it by saying that he’s missed many chances for glorious and meaningful death.

And of course the first thing that comes to mind is marineford but we also can’t leaveout the payback war this moment withkaido and arochi’s previous followers the more i read it the more i’m not sure about it they speak of the loyalty ofthe samuraifor the most part they’ve been loyal torochi for 20 years at least20 years but at the first opportunitythey had they just turned on them orthey just started following kaido monocitizens and people of wano they seem tobe very idealistic and grounded in theirbeliefs so for every single one to justturn tail and follow kaido i wonder ifthere’s going to be any infighting goingon or anybodyquestioning the decisions of the generalin umhote or the captain in fukurakuju itjust seems a bit weird that nobody questioned it i mean of course your girl did because you know the pride of a warrior but i guess people just want to live there’s no way they voluntarily would like to go up against king jack and queen we saw it they sighed you know after kuju said yo no we’ll follow you kaido because kaido’s crew they’re just that intimidating we’ll see what comes of it but i think samurai pride is a real thing in wano and there’s still a good amount of story left.

So momonosuke and kaido kylo is gettingrid of the old guardand for him knowing the history of thebeast pirates how they like to do thingsthey want to break you down they don’t mind adding people to their forces if they’re significant or strong enough orhave some potential but at first they have to break you down and for cairo istrying to do that to this child kaido clearly has odin ptsd heeven said that he’s always had a nagging doubt inhis mindhow could someone like you be the son ofkazuki odin meaning kaido thinks very highly of odin and for momonosuke he hadn’t been impressed with him at also he’s saying throw away your name and then i won’t kill you this has a lot of significance just based off of things.

Momo has done things the scabbards have done and just wanna in general and all the traditions discarding your name is a huge deal and momonosukehe’s not afforded that luxury but this is truly a shining moment for momonosuke. Sometimes I think people forget that he’s a child that he’s literally a kid and the events that took place was not that long ago from when he experienced them yeah it’s 20 years ago in real time but he was sent forward so a lot of these things are still very fresh in his mind so these things he has to overcome while being akid and he has to step up for the people of wano and i think in the face of all this adversity momonosuke has been special he has a lot to live up to but i think it’s unrealistic to expect a kid and he’s just gone through some very traumatic experiences to be brave in the face of everything he’s had some growing pains but now this moment in which he tells them.

He’s kazukimomonosuke the man who’ll become the shogun great brilliant moment love that moment for momentous game let’s talk a bitabout luffy’s development not only as a fighter but as a person, in general, this moment withyamato and the cops it’s hilarious because yamato did not think her father would kill her he didn’t believe it thenluffy he’s using this advanced hakion command now which is showing his development and growth as a fighter butoutside of that after they made it in time yamato and luffy they’re very close to kaido and the others luffy says we’re not the ones who will start this battle as if he either saw it or he felt like it was not his place to land the first blow on kaido.

In this war and this is something that we really have to talk about luffy and him just growing so muchin monorealizing different things acting a bit better luffy normally and how he rationalizes things it doesn’t matter he’s normally the one going head first in so i think he’s showing some growth in regards to who where he is and I think yamato is a reflection of who he used to be or where he used to be.

So that contrast could be really dopeespecially if yamato joins the crewneedless to say the akaziah samurai they pull up on kaidoand they have one of the best moments inwano in which they all left at kaido and yelled sunachinow for snatch i think some people forgot exactly what it meant.

So in chapter 950 monash doji was trying to convince his men or his peoplenot to go and raid kaido they mentioned exactly what sinachi isit’s from when they were kids when people value themselves too muchthey become cowards who take no riskssir render your name and be as achild leap before you look and rememberour abbreviationtsunachi right so that goes back to the whole reason and what they’re doing herethey knowthey can’t beat kaido they understand this is a risk they’ve cast away all pride and obviously they’re notcowards so themtaking this risk here they’re leaping before they look and that’s why they yell snatchy because at this point they’re not fighting for themselves they’re fighting for kazukiodin kazuki momentosuke and kizuki yuriand.

of course lady tokibut not only them but also for the people of wano this is 20 years ofturmoil 20 years of pain that they’ve had to endure all of this is casted into their blades and that’s how they were able toblitz kaido the way they did this momentwas truly spectacularonce you reread wano going back and remembering those odin moments.

Everything he had to do for kaido they deserved this they needed this moment and for kaido he feels like his theirs words can’t hurt him can’t do anything to him don’t think he expected the force that they came with and again it’s also fitting the twopeople at the front of thisdangerous and kinemon granted i thinkashrae dojiand dendro do the most damage but heydendro and kinemonthey’re leading the charge whilekamatsuhi’s attacking king over there and some people are speculating that king is using some form of barrierhockey because kamatsu is attacking him but is not getting to him there’s something that’s blocking those attacks speaking of king he’s been getting clown for the moment in which ezoshot his sword out of his hand now in the grand scheme of things this means absolutely nothing yes king is the perceived right hand of kaido andezra is but a mere16th commander of whitebeard at the end of the day they’re both commanders not a big deal will be fine it’s a moment in which they were ambushed by several people.

Ezo uses a gun i’m sure that will neverhappen again to kingfrom ezo especially but nonetheless agreat moment used to hype ezo than todownplayking is just one moment one small insignificant momentfunny to talk about but genuinely not abig deal at all so let’s let’s not makethat a thing because it’s not a big dealeven if you want to make fun of it andmake jokes that’s cool but let’s not gettoxic and make this truly a thingbecause it’sguys this is not a big deal at all it’sone smallmoment but this is showing us izo is nota slouch in his own right but yeah guysi think i want to talk about momentousgame more in depth i’m going to try to get something out tomorrow in regards tomomo because i think it’s truly significant his journey and where we are now beforei end this i just have to give a quickshout outto nek mamoshi and even though at the end of this chapter kaido was holding his head like a stress ballnek mamushi did a very impressive thing in this chapter that i don’t think a lot of people are talking about i haven’t seen it around the community but he managed to disarm kaido nakamushri know he lost his arm and all that but he’s physically a monster and capone knows about that he comes in and he disarmed kaido and i feel like king is getting a lot more than kaido is and he lost his weapon tonekomamushi.

I’m not sure if it’s because people downplay ezo and they feel like nakamushi’s somewhat very strong but that was impressive think anyone else would get a lot more credit but nekomamushi is not getting as much credit i feel like he deserves and queen’s facial expressions.

I mean what would we do without them and jackjack we know he’s always sweaty so his face when he realized the ming kings were alive is like bro yeah you didn’treally kill them you put him on a stake if you put him on the crucifix you know crucify and chill but he didn’t really kill him bro that’s what happens you have to kill these people you have to make sure they’re dead should listen toorochi but give me your thoughts how do you feel about the chapter.

Wakai Yoshike

Wakai Yoshike

Hi, My name is Wakai Yoshike, and graduated from the Aoyama Gakuin University of Tokyo with graduation in computer science. I am very passionate about cartoons, games, and very curious about reading comics and playing games.

Wakai Yoshike

Hi, My name is Wakai Yoshike, and graduated from the Aoyama Gakuin University of Tokyo with graduation in computer science. I am very passionate about cartoons, games, and very curious about reading comics and playing games.

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