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New Leaks

On the evening of March 13, 2023, official One Piece spoilers were revealed, having been approved by Redon and Etenboby, the series’ most prominent leakers. Some of the unsubstantiated spoilers that had been published before the film’s release turned out to be true, although most of them were just as questionable as most viewers had suspected. Fans of One Piece weren’t surprised when the leaks were debunked, but they were stunned by the confirmed spoilers and the events they revealed. Leaks of Chapter 1078 suggest that the Vegapunk traitor is someone who few, if any, fans would have imagined. The traitor’s motivations and goals are also unexpected.
Fans have been clamouring for a complete breakdown of what seems to be a very interesting issue, but at the very least, the verified spoilers have proven themselves to be worth the wait. In this post, we’ll go over all the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1078 that have been verified as of now by the mangaka and author Eiichiro Oda. Vegapunk York is revealed to be a traitor in Chapter 1078 of One Piece, and her desire to become a Celestial Dragon is exposed.

Verified early spoilers
Spoilers for the next One Piece manga issue 1078 begin with specifics about the cover art. The only real description is that “Neo MADS” is established, which is unfortunately not very descriptive. This a possible allusion to the cover of the preceding issue, in which Vinsmoke Judge and Caesar Clown appear to join forces against Dr Vegapunk. Fans might have thought this meant they were on their way to Egghead Island, but it appears to be the birth of the next generation of the MADS outlaw research organisation. Yet, it is by no means certain that they will not show up on Egghead Island at any time in the story arc. The spoilers for the next issue of One Piece suggest that Vegapunk York is the traitor, which would be a surprising change of events given that she has been turned to stone in the most recent chapters. Her goals of becoming the sole Vegapunk and becoming a Celestial Dragon are also stated.

First-look spoilers The reasons for York’s actions are not explored further than what has already been mentioned. Though her reputation as a symbol of Dr Vegapunk’s avarice makes it simple to deduce her motivations, the fact remains that she made this decision. York’s comfortable lifestyle would come to an end if Dr Vegapunk severed connections with the World Government. This also clarifies why she has set her sights on becoming a Celestial Dragon instead of just requesting that the World Government continue making allowances for her. The spoilers continue by saying that in the next issue of One Piece, Franky will still be awake. Yet he can’t move since half his body turned to stone. While it isn’t revealed in the spoilers, the fact that he is still aware of his surroundings is probably how viewers find out about York’s betrayal and her exact goals.

Shifting gears to Sanji vs S-Shark, the first spoilers continue. Contrary to the unverified rumours that Sanji’s kicking the Seraphim had no impact, it has now been shown that S-Shark really punched Sanji in vain. This contrast may seem minor, but it highlights Sanji’s ability to withstand Lunar-level punishment rather than dish it out. Once Redon and Etenboby reveal some details about the next issue of One Piece, the narrator has something to say about what to expect. As they put it, “tomorrow, the consequence of this event (the one taking place in Egghead) will shock the whole planet.” For a number of reasons, including what appears to be the near-term resolution of the Egghead Island arc, this is a very intriguing line. The fact that Big News Morgans is mentioned in connection with an incident that “shook the whole globe” adds credence to the theory that he or she is located on Egghead Island.

The prospect of Princess Vivi Nefertari of Alabasta reconciling with the Straw Hats has also increased. It seems probable that Vegapunk York won’t be coming along on this trip, so Vivi can fill in for him. Regrettably, this is the conclusion of the first round of spoilers, leaving fans of One Piece with a lot of questions. As the week unfolds, we should see the release of spoiler summaries, raw scans, and scanlations for the forthcoming issue.

New Spoilers for Chapter 1078

This is a reminder that the release of One Piece chapter 1078 is scheduled for March 20, 2023, at 12 am JST. Twitter has become a leaky source of spoilers for the chapter, and the synopsis and raw scans are due out in the coming days. Spoiler alert! Vegapunk York is the traitor on Egghead Island, as revealed in the first verified leak for One Piece chapter 1078. The identity of the traitor has been up for debate for the previous several chapters, so this is a startling turn of events for readers.

Spoilers for Chapter 1078 of One Piece name the traitor Vegapunk York.
One Piece chapter 1078’s first spoiler was tweeted out by Pewpiece and Abdullah-San on March 13, 2023. Also, the ONE PIECE Spoilers Twitter account shared the spoiler. The user tweets about York being the traitor who has been destroying Strawhats and Vegapunk for the past several chapters. This is an enormous spoiler, as readers have been building suspense over the previous several chapters in the hopes of discovering the traitor’s identity. This spoiler does more than just build anticipation for chapter 1078; it has serious plot implications, as Vegapunk York is a pivotal figure who is on Egghead island with the Strawhats.

Vegapunk York has been suspected as the traitor since early on, and some fans claim that Oda has already hinted at this. There’s a passage in chapter 1061 of the manga that essentially says you can’t make things do what you want them to. This may be a reference to York, who is often seen as representing the “greed” component of Vegapunk. However, York is not helping Cipher Pol or the World Government, since she had no qualms about assaulting Lucci and others with the Seraphims’ assistance in chapter 1077. This strongly suggests that the Vegapunk satellites were at odds with one another, a situation that may have been sparked by York’s ambitions to control the information processing capabilities of Vegapunk.

The above tweet was sent by @pewpiece on Twitter prior to the release of the York spoiler and suggests that the traitor on Egghead Island is a friend or ally. He compared the current scenario to Wano when Kanjuro posed as an ally but was actually a traitor, in a tweet. York spoiler is likely legit given the sources that leaked it has high credibility in the community. Yet there’s no hard evidence to back up the other hypotheses regarding why York betrayed Vegapunk and the Strawhats. The complete spoiler cycle for Chapter 1078 has begun, and fans are freaking out on Twitter. The spoilers offer the fandom something fresh to talk about, which raises anticipation for the next chapter.

Just some of the fan reactions to the spoiler:
Some fans are rejoicing that they were correct about this Major bombshell, while others are doubting the disclosure or even denying that it is real. The One Piece community as a whole is quite excited about Chapter 1078 because of this spoiler, whether or not it is true. How Oda executes this surprise, as well as any other significant changes he makes in the next few chapters of One Piece, will be fascinating to watch. Considering Oda’s unexpected character, it’s likely that the forthcoming chapters will have a profound impact on the fandom as a whole.

Someone has gone rogue on Egghead Island, but no one knows who it is. Who killed Dr Vegapunk Shaka with a bullet to the head? Who exactly is he? A Marine spy, or one of Dr Vegapunk’s satellites? The release time and date for One Piece Chapter 1078 have been revealed below.

By giving them the tale of Ohara, an island whose inhabitants were exterminated due to their opposition to the government, Sentomaru hopes to convince the people of Fabriophase to abandon the island. As a result, the Isle of Ohara became the site of the biggest library in the world, where many academics met to study poneglyphs despite the forbidden nature of the subject. The researchers and everybody else who was on the island were therefore executed by marines, leaving Nico Robin as the lone survivor. Despite his status as the world’s brightest man, the marines are chasing Dr Vegapunk because they aim to kill him. The worst aspect is that Egghead Island will be the epicentre of a major disaster. When Kaku and Zoro team up against S-Hawk, Lucci and Luffy continue to battle S-Bear in the fourth building A’s control room. Seraphim keep coming back, like they’re Kaido or something, despite all of their strikes. According to Zoro, the seraphs are just as mad as King, the man Zoro fought in Wano. It must be Alber, the test subject who escaped Punk Hazard with Kaido a long time ago, said Shaka, agreeing with Zoro.

Shaka shocks everyone by saying that the seraphims’ durability comes from Lunarian blood. Zoro warns them to watch the flames on their backs since when they’re gone, they’ll be able to deal greater damage. Afterwards, Shaka declares that he has located Dr Vegapunk and chooses to abandon the battle. On the top level of Building A, Nami, Brook, and the others do battle with the S-Shark. While Nami hits her with a Thunder Shock, S-Shark immediately dives back into the sea to pursue her. Sanji employs the “Rare Fillet Strike” method to punish S-Shark for frightening Nami and making her scream before the seraph can strike Nami. When S-Snake frightened York, Lilith decides to fight it head-to-head. With the power of the sea channelled via her bubble pistol, Lilith defeats S-Snake. Nevertheless, this is only a momentary advantage, as Franky gets kicked in the face before he can successfully catch S-Snake. With her Love, Mellow, and Perfume Femur assaults, S-Snake manages to turn everyone into stone, including Usopp, Franky, and Lilith. In contrast, Shaka comes upon the cornered Cipher Pol operatives and Dr Vegapunk in the subterranean ancient devil fruit research facility. Dr Vegapunk is rendered speechless as he watches Shaka bleed to death on the ground after being shot in the back of the skull.

When will One Piece Chapter 1078 be Published?
In the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, the publication date for Chapter 1078 of One Piece is slated for March 19, 2023. On March 20, 2023, Chapter 1078 will be released in Japan.
On March 20, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST, One Piece Chapter 1078 will be released in Japan.
For your area, the following release timings apply if the data provided above holds true:
7 a.m., Pacific Time (March 19, 2023)
9:00 AM, Central Time (March 19, 2023)
It’s 10:00 AM on the Eastern Time Zone (March 19, 2023)
It’s 3 o’clock in the UK (March 19, 2023)

Recent Leaks for Chapter 1078

On March 14, 2023, the whole spoiler synopsis for Chapter 1078 of One Piece was revealed, revealing some major new information about the Egghead Island subplot. Previous spoilers have already identified Vegapunk York as the traitor, but the newest ones detail her treason in great detail. The complete synopsis reveals that the Straw Hats are beginning to grow apart from one another, probably in preparation for a showdown with York. The narrator keeps stressing how important what’s happening on Egghead Island is, leading the reader to believe that a major development is still to come. Even after the Straw Hats have split up and the Vegapunks have been wiped out, Chapter 1078 of One Piece still has to cover the “Egghead Incident.”

Spoilers for the whole plot description
A complete synopsis of One Piece, Chapter 1078 The first hint of a spoiler is the cover art, which depicts Vinsmoke Judge and Caesar Clown making out. Neo MADs is created, the caption proclaims, with images of jubilant Germa 66 troops. But behind them, Vinsmoke Reiju and Ichiji can be heard sighing, suggesting that they are unhappy with the alliance. Stussy opens the chapter’s main material by communicating with Sentomaru via Den Den Mushi. She informs him that Marine reinforcements are scheduled to accompany Admiral Kizaru to Egghead Island. Stussy asserts that the World Government is being too cautious since Vegapunk’s research has already outpaced Ohara’s findings and because Egghead Island has a defensive force whereas Ohara does not. Because of this, the World Government is conducting operations that go much beyond those of a typical Buster Call. Chapter 1078 of One Piece begins with residents of Egghead Island making their way to safety, before switching to a look at Franky and company. Franky can still speak, but since half of his body is now stone, he is immobile.

Meanwhile, a distraught Vegapunk Pythagoras asks S-Snake who gave her the order. Then instead of answering, she stomps on his skull, setting off a massive explosion. Even though the purported complete summary spoilers don’t specify what happens to Pythagoras in this scene, it’s safe to conclude that he meets a violent end. Next, the focus of One Piece Chapter 1078 moves on to Nico Robin’s crew, where the readers get to watch her determine that something could be going on with Dr Vegapunk, Stella’s body, while the Seraphim run amok. According to Vegapunk Atlas, there is one sealed-off lab that has been abandoned for some time. In such case, Robin has her instantly take her and Chopper to that location. Again, we see Nami with Vegapunk Edison in her arms as the book turns back to Sanji and company. Brook, now in ghost form, promises to find Dr Vegapunk as Sanji continues to battle S-Shark. Sanji seems to let S-Shark hit him, but he suffers no ill effects from the Seraphim’s attack, which he attributes entirely to the “power of love.”

Chapter 1078 of One Piece switches viewpoints back to Luffy’s crew, where the S-Hawk and S-Bear Seraphim are refusing to extinguish their Lunarian fires. As a result, Luffy and the others still can’t do any harm to them. Yet at that moment, everyone understands that S-Hawk is no longer participating in the battle. For this reason, Lucci concludes that the Seraphim moved his focus to the lesser fighters in the gang, hoping to divert attention away from Luffy and the other more powerful members. This causes Luffy and Lucci to continue battling S-Bear while Zoro and Kaku go in search of S-Hawk. While viewers watch Princess Bonney sobbing in front of a statue honouring her late father, Bartholomew Kuma, the narrator begins narrating. The events of the day before the infamous “Egghead Incident” are described in Chapter 1078 of One Piece, although its genesis may be traced back three months earlier. The story then rewinds to show that Dr Vegapunk was investigating the Void Century after Mariejois received an anonymous tip about it from Egghead Island.

For this reason, the Global Government dispatched the Cipher Pol ships to investigate. The agents on board found no signs of such investigation, but they all mysteriously disappeared on the return trip. The caller then tried to get in touch with Mariejois again, this time asking to talk with the Gorosei instead. In One Piece Chapter 1078, an unknown caller convinces the Gorosei that Vegapunk betrayed them. This is what prompted CP0 to issue the directive to wipe out Dr Vegapunk and his six Satellites. Though Admiral Kizaru and the Marines were dispatched to the island, they also sent one of their own there as a precaution. Current events on Egghead Island in the manga include this massive army, which has already reached war proportions. Admiral Kizaru, Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Gorosei, Vice Admiral Doll, and other fresh Marines are seen in a montage while the narrator continues. An analogy to the Marineford arrival montages in Chapter 524 has been made. Then, in Chapter 1078 of One Piece, the narrator says, “the climax of ‘Egghead Incident’ in the following day would shock the globe in a way no one has envisioned.”

Finally, the issue switches viewpoints to reveal that Vegapunk York is, in fact, the traitor. She reappears before Dr Vegapunk, this time with a more sinister version of her former smile. In speaking with Dr Vegapunk, York refers to him by the name “Stella” and expresses her excitement at the prospect of becoming a Celestial Dragon because of her cooperation by telling him that she will become one. Dr Vegapunk doesn’t see why she would want to hang out with such scum. She responds with a chuckle, saying that’s what Shaka would say if he weren’t dead, before concluding that the Vegapunks are a nuisance and the world only needs one person like them. Without announcing a hiatus for the next week, this edition concludes. After all that has happened, this is some much-needed relief.

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