[Latest] Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 11 Preview Released Online

On Saturday, March 18 at 10:08 AM PT, the eleventh episode of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will become available online. The new episode will premiere in Japan on local stations including TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, and MBS, while overseas fans can see it on Disney Plus and Hulu. The following is a global distribution schedule for the episode:

10:08 AM in the Pacific time zone.
We are currently at the 11:08 hour in the Mountain Time Zone.
Midday in the Central Time Zone: 12:08
It is currently 1:08 PM EST.
In the United Kingdom, it is currently 5:08 p.m.
The current time in Europe is 18:08 hours.
As of 10:38 PM, India Standard Time

The difficult war with Taiju has concluded, with the conclusion of the last episode putting a stop to the combat and carnage. Instead, the episode fixed the rift between Hina and Takemichi and delved into the backstories of other characters including Mitsuya, Draken, and Mikey. All the main Toman characters celebrated the new year together as the episode concluded. But, in the next episode, the tone of the plot will shift back towards the serious.

Summary of Episode 10 from Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers
The episode opens with Takemichi facing Hina, feeling guilty for ending their relationship abruptly. Next, a flashback showed us how Hina found out that her father had been the cause of her and Takemichi’s split. In the midst of an argument with her father, she walked to the shrine to pray and there she met Emma. Once Hina spilt the beans with Emma, she decided to provide a hand in mending Hina’s strained relationship with Takemichi. After contacting Mikey and Draken, Emma instructed them to locate Takemichi. Mikey went to the church after hearing about Mitsuya’s bike for the same reason. As for the present, Takemichi broke down in tears and said that her father was correct in his assessment of him as a criminal and that he did not want her to go in trouble as a result of her association with him. Takemichi asked her to make amends with him again, and when she did, he began sobbing even more loudly. From their apartment, Hina’s parents witnessed the entire affair, and Hina’s mum threatened her dad that she would stop talking to him if he continued to meddle in their relationship.

Takemichi and Mikey were out riding bikes when Takemichi enquired about Mikey’s parents. Mikey explained that he and Emma were raised by their grandfather since he lacked parents. Then he informed Takemichi about his older brother, who had been a father figure throughout his life. Despite being the boss of a biker gang, Mikey’s brother is a lousy fighter, as he admitted. Mikey praised Takemichi by saying that, in comparison, he was a weakling. Mikey elaborated on his statement, saying that it was more essential to triumph over one’s own weaknesses than it was to triumph over others. Then he begged Takemichi to help him out whenever his emotions got the best of him. Mitsuya and Draken, who had just met, were shown riding their bikes to a wall covered in graffiti that Mitsuya had created. Friendship blossomed quickly between the two, and Draken invited Mitsuya to his home—a brothel.

Mitsuya explained that he liked to be out after school because he had to watch his sisters while their mother was at work. Mitsuya got a kick out of one of the females for acting out. As time went on, Draken told him that he should take excellent care of his loved ones because, unlike him, he has a family. Hakkai, Yuzuha, Takemichi, and Hina, Mitsuya’s younger sisters, joined him at the festival later. Taiju had left the home, and she told Hakkai about it; he realised his mistake and apologised. Later on, we found out that Yuzuha liked Takemichi, despite Hakkai’s assumptions that she was more into Mitsuya. At the episode’s close, the remaining Toman members came together to ring in the new year.

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