[Leaked] Synopsis for One Piece Episode 1054, Recap, Release Date & Summaries

When Can We Expect a New Release?
The promo for Episode 1054 of One Piece, titled “Death To Your Partner! Killer’s Evil Game,” depicts a struggle between Hawkins and Killer, in which every assault Killer makes on Hawkins ends up hitting Kid instead. Killer remembers his word to Kid as he battles Hawkins, and he takes a major risk in order to win. If he tries, will he be successful? After two consecutive Sundays, One Piece will take a week off with Episode 1054. The transmission slots are unavailable because of a national marathon in Japan.

As a result, the new airtime for One Piece Episode 1054 is set for Sunday, March 19th, 2023, at 09:30 hours Japanese Standard time (JST). Here are some possible airtimes for One Piece 1054;
Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at 07:30 hours Pacific Time (PT)
Saturday, March 18, 2023, at 18:30 Central Time (CT)
Saturday, March 18th, 2023 at 20:30 hours Eastern Time (ET)
06:00 hrs The date and time are Sunday, March 19, 2023, at midnight IST (Indian Standard Time).
It’s Sunday, March 19th, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. AEST.

Episode 1054 Description
The upcoming episode of the massive anime series, One Piece Episode 1054, will add an incredible episode to the Wano arc as it nears its finale, but regrettably, it will be some time before One Piece is back. Unforeseen circumstances in Japan necessitate a 3-week postponement of the next episode. Fans are therefore left wondering when the next episode will air and what the future of the anime will hold. Therefore, we’re here to let you in on when the upcoming One Piece episode will air and what will happen in it.

One Piece Episode 1054’s rescheduled airtime and release date information will be included in this post. As an added bonus, we will also outline the steps necessary to see the anime once it has been returned. With everything out of the way, let’s get into the specifics of One Piece Episode 1054, but first, let’s review what transpired in the most recent episode.

Summary of “One Piece” Episode 1053
At the beginning of One Piece Episode 1053, Yamato and Momonosuke are shown talking about how they would prevent the Onigahima from collapsing on the flower city. The latter works hard to make clouds like Kaido’s in an effort to keep the island aloft and from sinking, but his creations are too puny to save the island from sinking. Later convincing Momo to keep making clouds, Yamato travels there to defend Wano by claiming to be Kozuki Oden’s son. Kozuki Oden sacrificed himself to save Wano. Yamato has travelled to the island to secure the Onigashima’s explosives, which, should the island collapse, will cause catastrophic global damage. In the meantime, Queen and Sanji are locked in battle, with Sanji struggling to make sense of his body’s peculiar behaviour.

In this speech, Queen boasts about the remarkable results of a scientific experiment he conducted on himself. While he does so, he teases Sanji into standing still and then wraps his own body over him, enveloping him like a snake, claiming that the strain will be too much for even the Mighty Haki to endure. Sanji’s body and bones are damaged when the Queen abandons him, but he doesn’t seem to be in any agony. Instead, he thinks about his siblings and wonders whether he’s turned out to be just like them. Sanji, still trying to make sense of his new form, is attacked from behind by Queen, whose sword breaks.

See Episode 1054 of One Piece on the Internet.
After the first broadcast of One Piece Episode 1054 on Japanese television, the episode will be made accessible to viewers throughout the world via Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Latest Updates for Chapter 1054

Episode 1054 of One Piece has been pushed back to either Saturday, March 18th or Sunday, March 19th, depending on your area because the series is taking a two-week break. In Japan, viewers can watch the new episode on FujiTV, while those outside of Japan may watch it on Crunchyroll. Due to the worldwide nature of the episode’s simultaneous distribution, the following schedule has been established:

Start of the day in the Pacific: 07:00
8 a.m., Mountain Standard Time
Monday, September 3rd, 2009 at 9:00 AM Central Time
It’s 10:00 AM on the East Coast right now.
Time in England: 6:00 PM GMT (Sunday)
It is now 5:00 PM CEST in Europe (Sunday)
Local Time in India: 8:30 PM IST (Sunday)

Fans have been thrilled for weeks by the continuous war between Sanji and Queen, and the most recent episode was no exception. In a surprising turn of events, Sanji’s body became immune to Queen’s strikes, and the audience watched in awe. Fans are probably counting down the days until this weekend so they can watch the new episode, but they’ll have to wait another two weeks for the next instalment. While the next episode will centre on Killer and Child, the promo for it is already available on One Piece’s official YouTube account.

Recap of Episode 1053
Planned as they were, Mononosuke’s attempts to create Flame Clods to transport Onigashima failed miserably. To preserve Onagashima, Yamato had to go. As Onigashima was about to crash into the Flower Capital, an explosion may have been caused by the bombs on the island, so he went inside the Skull Dome to stop it. The action then moved indoors to where Lucci and Guernica were discussing the continuing struggle and Mononosuke’s dragon form. Lucci informed him about the World Government’s contingency plan to seize the Wano capital city in the event that Kaido was defeated. He informed him that reinforcements were on their way and that they must now catch Nico Robin. When we last left Robin, she was being protected by Brook from some of Kaido’s henchmen.

In the meantime, the conflict between Sanji and Queen grew more heated, and Sanji eventually utilised Diable Jambe against Queen. Once Queen severed his head and tail from his body, Sanji was unable to escape. Assuming Sanji didn’t accidentally release himself from the Queen’s grasp by firing his rockets at himself, the latter smashed his bones when she stomped on them. Sanji’s bones were fractured, yet he miraculously suffered just minor injuries. The next move was for Queen to use his sword to behead Sanji, but the blade snapped as it made contact with Sanji’s neck. Sanji became concerned since he didn’t want to turn out like his brother, and he noticed that his figure was beginning to mirror his sibling’s.

Recent Updates for Episode 1054

Date of Release for One Piece Episode 1054
There will be a delay in the publication of the most recent one, as was previously announced. The creators have not explained this hiatus as of this writing. But we know when the next one will be out for sure. As such, March 19, 2023, will mark the premiere of One Piece Episode 1054. You may only watch the anime episodes on Netflix’s official website.

There’s a chance that the next episode won’t be seen by fans for quite some time. Episode 1054 of One Piece is the one in question. Our most recent adventure was fantastic. It was clear that Momo was making every effort to stop the disaster that was engulfing Wano. Nonetheless, the city is also home to a variety of other events. Nevertheless, because of the hiatus, the following plots will not be revealed to viewers for quite some time. Momonosuke will finally shine in the forthcoming plot. Yamato has successfully helped the youngster see his true potential. Yet, he is now lacking the knowledge necessary to wipe out a whole planet.

Last week, in One Piece Episode 1054, Yamato and Momonosuke began by discussing their final strategy for saving the city. Yet there was no way to prevent the entire island of Onigashima, a floating city, from collapsing on them. To protect the world from sinking, Momo was busy making as many clouds as possible. The place had served its purpose, and Yamato needed to get out of there. She assured them that Momo could manage everything on his own. At the same time, Queen kept up her aerial assaults above Sanji. When engaged in combat, Queen boasts that his improved physical condition is due to his extensive self-improvement programme. Towards the end of the episode, Queen makes an assault that does more damage to her sword than it is worth repairing.

Episode 1054 of One Piece: Spoilers & Expectations
A sneak peeks at the next one has been posted online. The next one will be titled “Death to Your Partner!” after reading that. ” “Killer’s Deadly Game” As this episode progresses, Queen and Sanji will resume their battle. Sanji’s final snapshot proved that his physique was no longer human-like. All of his experiments were obviously having an effect on him.

And now it was getting much harder for Queen to figure out how to beat the guy. Luffy’s arrival at the beginning of One Piece 1054. The boy’s whereabouts and activities for the past while will finally be revealed. Wano’s defence is a secondary concern; eliminating Kaido, who poses a greater threat, is a top goal.

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