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Read Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Spoilers, leaked Summaries, Storyline, Plot & Everything you need to know

Since Dragon Ball Super ended in 2018, fans have been waiting breathlessly for news of a second season. The show’s amazing 131-episode run was welcomed with immense anticipation from viewers all across the world. The movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly came out after the series and maintained the momentum continuing for the franchise. After the success of the first film, Dragon Ball Super, in June 2022, another film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, was released, reviving interest in the upcoming second season of the anime. Fans may only speculate at this time because no official release date or trailer has been revealed. Based on the franchise’s track record, this article will make educated guesses about what future episodes may hold for viewers.

What can viewers of Dragon Ball Super anticipate from Season 2?
After competing in Omni King Zeno’s Tournament of Power, all Z Fighters eventually returned to Earth in 2018, marking the end of Dragon Ball Super and the Universal Survival Saga. Season 2 of the anime will likely adapt the following story arc from the manga, which is named Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. Moro, a new antagonist to the series, is introduced in this arc, which occurs several years before the events of the Broly film. Powerful magician Moro escapes from the Galactic Patrol’s jail after the Grand Supreme Kai’s seal on his magic is shattered.

When Goku is requested to help Jaco capture Moro, he finds himself battling toe-to-toe with the magician, testing the limits of his Ultra Instinct. As in the manga, we can only hope that this story arc will be followed by the Granolah the Survivor Arc. This storyline features intense battles among some of Dragon Ball’s most powerful characters. This arc has several memorable events, like as Vegeta achieving his Ultra Ego transformation, Gas’s maniacal behaviour, and Black Frieza’s one-shot kills of Ultra Instinct Goku and Ultra Ego Vegeta. Given the positive reception, the showrunners may potentially decide to include fan-favourite characters like Broly and Cell Max in the anime. Also, it’s important to remember that even older characters like Jiren have potential; with little extra training, he might easily overtake Goku as the strongest fighter in the multiverse.

Date of the anticipated release
Even while there is no confirmed premiere date for Dragon Ball Super as of yet, the anime has been widely predicted to premiere sometime in the latter half of 2023. In 2022, Toei Animation published Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but the studio has yet to announce when additional episodes of the series would premiere. There have been many hints dropped that Dragon Ball Super is presently in development, but fans may have to wait a little longer for an official trailer or release date to be announced.

Last but not least
The only knowledge fans have about Season 2 is the rumour mill being fed to them by leakers on Twitter and YouTube. In the meanwhile, fans will have to wait and see whether Toei Animation releases any new animated content since no official teaser or trailer release date has been announced. Due to the continued success of the Dragon Ball manga and films, we may safely assume that development on season 2 is well underway and that it will premiere somewhere in late 2023. Still, viewers of Dragon Ball should treat any fresh information with caution.

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