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[Leaked] Read My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17 Spoilers, Release Date, latest Storyline & Much More Updates

When to expect My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17?
On Saturday, January 28, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. JST, the sixteenth episode of My Hero Academia Season 6 will premiere in Japan. Nippon TV and Yomiuri TV, two regional Japanese networks, will air the anime series. The anime is available on several streaming services for international audiences, including Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation, Hulu, DirecTV, and VRV. Previous seasons can be accessed using the same channels.

These are the times when the episodes will air in various places across the world.
We are currently at 01:30 local time in the Pacific Time Zone (Saturday, January 28, 2023)
Local Standard Time: 03:30 Hrs (Saturday, January 28, 2023)
Eastern Standard Time, 0430 hours (Saturday, January 28, 2023)
In the Indian Standard Time zone, it is currently 14:00. (Saturday, January 28, 2023)
Exactly 19:30 as it would be in Australia (Saturday, January 28, 2023)

My Hero Academia (MHA) has reached its last few chapters, which depict the world in the wake of the conflict. Taking command of Shigaraki and his troops, All For One marches for the island’s main facility. After their heroic victory over the villains, the heroes are resting and recuperating, but they are losing support from the general populace. This was the worst period in their lives.

The next episode of My Hero Academia will be broadcast on Saturday, March 2nd. It is the seventeenth episode of Season 6. Season 6, episode 17 of My Hero Academia will most likely feature more Todoroki family conflict, considering they were just talking about the past and what may happen in the future. Keigo Takami describes the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire” is the title of Episode 17.

Summary of Episode 16 of Season 6 of “My Hero Academia”
Keigo Takami came from an impoverished and abusive family when he was a kid. His villainous father had an accidental pregnancy and then raised his son harshly before going on the run with his mother. Keigo would watch Hero’s news reports, but he never really bought into them beyond the realm of fiction. He found comfort solely in his Endeavor doll. When Endeavor comes to arrest his father one day, the boy’s faith in Heroes is restored. After being abandoned, his mother urges him to put his wings to use so they can get off the streets. After Keigo rescues some bystanders from harm, the Hero Public Safety Commission approaches him and his family, offering him a chance to become a hero in exchange for abandoning the “Takami” surname.

While driving around the city in the present, Best Jeanist and Hawks describe to Dabi how they faked Best Jeanist’s death and then resurrected him. When Best Jeanist confronts a gang of criminals on the street, he finds out that the police are preoccupied with capturing fugitives and that the surrounding hero offices are closed since people have lost trust in them. When they go to Hawks’ mother’s house, he reads a note from her saying that she left to avoid causing him any further difficulty when Dabi sent thugs to coerce her into divulging his background. Hawks expresses regret for not being able to save his mother but also states his desire to do what he wants now and aid Endeavor.

Meanwhile, residents have taken matters into their own hands by employing auxiliary weapons against villains, resulting in more casualties and further complaints about the Heroes’ tardiness. While still in the hospital, Endeavor regains consciousness and begins to sob bitterly over Dabi and the repercussions of his previous mistakes. At this point, Shoto and his brothers have clumsily barged in on him as he sobs through an apology for his wrongdoing. Rei confronts him, saying they need to talk about Toya, and he realises he’s in a bad place.

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