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Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Plot, Storyline & Everything you need to know

Dragon Ball Super manga will pick up with a new narrative arc after a brief hiatus. The official website for the series has confirmed that more episodes will be coming soon. The final week of December should see the release of Chapter 88. The manga has been published in V Jump, a Japanese magazine, for many years. You may get the most recent chapter translated into English at Viz Media. Goten and Trunks are teenagers in this new narrative who grow up to become superheroes.

There was a clue regarding the forthcoming Dragon Ball Super manga arc in the announcement. There were images of both Goten, the offspring of Goku and Chi-second Chi, and Trunks, the kid of Vegeta and Bulma, shown prominently on the main page. So, naturally, they’re both decked out in superhero attire, foreshadowing a new genre of fashion.

Where Does This New Arc Take Us?
A recent tendency in Dragon Ball has been to highlight characters other than Goku and Vegeta, and the unveiling of the Arc continues this trend. It wasn’t lost on anybody that Piccolo and Gohan were the show’s major protagonists, and they got a lot of praise for doing so. The cast of Dragon Ball is vast and varied. It would be fantastic if future stories featured more secondary characters, like Goten and Trunks, who haven’t gotten much attention thus far. Goten and Trunks are teenagers in this new narrative who grow up to become superheroes.

That puts this story before the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero did a good thing by ageing up the two main characters. Make them a part of the final showdown with Cell Max. Unfortunately for Gotenks’s fans, who were hoping to see more than his flabby deteriorating state, they fused in the end.

A New Storyarc for Dragon Ball Super Has Been Announced!
Dragon Ball Super will return on December 20 with the start of a new story arc, as first reported and confirmed by the Dragon Ball Official Site and the November 2022 issue of V-Jump. Trunks and Goten are going to be featured heavily. It’s been established that two of the characters have had enough time on screen. The target audience, however, is aware of this. The manga will serve as a prequel to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with Gohan and Piccolo playing pivotal parts in the events that unfold.

Recently, a poster for the latest Arc appeared on V-Jump. Specifically, it said, “We are going to represent DBS Super Hero by first showing the events leading up to it (the narrative of Goten and Trunks).” The new Arc may start with a precursor narrative before shifting into a complete adaptation of the Super Hero film.

When Will the New Dragon Ball Super Arc Begin to Air?
Originally written by Akira Toriyama, the Dragon Ball Super manga will be released in 2023 by Shueisha’s V Jump magazine. On December 21, 2022, however, the start of a whole new Arc—a sort of chapter—was made in the comic. They finished their dance routine as the credits rolled, but the audience didn’t get to witness the end result. As a result, the Dragon Ball canon lacks a definitive illustration of a mature Gotenks.

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