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Complete Spoilers for Boruto chapter 75, New Leaks, Release Date Leaked Online

The shocking revelations in chapter 75 of Boruto regarding a wide range of individuals provided more depth to the story than many readers had anticipated. The chapter started out by explaining the history and powers of Eida and Daemon and then moved on to reveal the presence of the Otsutsuki god Shibai. The truth of Delta’s identity and Amado’s motivation for re-creating Kawaki’s karma were also exposed. However, Momoshiki’s talk with Boruto and the latter’s abrupt peek into the future was the most shocking turn of events in the series.

The protagonist’s vision was hazy, but it pointed to a terrifying potential that would link the series’ opening time-jump sequence to the rest of the plot. This piece makes an effort to explain how the vision provides viewers with a significant hint regarding Kawaki’s involvement in the show.

In chapter 75, Boruto has a terrible glimpse of the future.

What Boruto Saw
In Chapter 75, the Otsutsuki told Boruto that their minds were merging and that he could hear Momoshiki’s thoughts inside his own. Momoshiki’s demeanour was noticeably less nasty and arrogant than normal, revealing his uncertainty about Eida’s love appeal.
Otsutsuki even verified Amado’s idea that Shibai had voluntarily abandoned his physical body and travelled to a higher realm by declaring that the Senrigan was “shinjutsu.” However, his facial expression at the chapter’s finale hinted that Momoshiki’s dojutsu appearing in the younger Uzumaki and his foresight were not planned. The vision opened with numerous Leaf shinobi frantically searching for the mysterious person, insisting that they could not be too far away.

Shikadai tried to hold someone using the Shadow-Binding jutsu of the Nara clan, saying that this was not something a fan would do as the scene shifted. Boruto then encountered his own squad, with Sarada informing Mitsuki of the position of their enemy. Orochimaru’s son went into Sage Mode and said that the offender was worthy of his father’s wrath. At the end of the vision, Kawaki was in karma mode, staring back at a person on the ground. Even though Momoshiki was trapped within the younger Uzumaki’s body, he seemed to be the one speaking in the prophecy, implying that the younger Uzumaki was not the person being pursued by the people.

Could Kawaki turn traitor?
Kawaki was first presented as the series’ nemesis in the now-famous post-timeskip scene, in which Boruto is shown fighting him. During the conflict, Isshiki’s ship made threats to send the younger Uzumaki to the same place he had put Naruto when he become the Seventh Hokage. Kawaki was initially described as being extremely wary and antagonistic toward anybody outside of his immediate family and the Uzumakis. Kawaki’s statements in the post-timeskip scenario stand in stark contrast to his current mentality, which has manifested its hotheadedness as an obsessive drive to protect Naruto. Even though he toned down his brazen ways, Naruto’s only true friends outside the family were Sarada, Mitsuki, and Shikadai.

In Boruto’s view, the younger Nara’s behaviour makes sense if we assume that he believes Kawaki betrayed them. Because he was one of the few persons who voluntarily become friends with them. Mitsuki’s rage added further evidence that Kawaki was the target of their reprimand. The young man had proven his allegiance to Boruto, but his reaction was more in line with his ambivalent feelings for Kawaki, whom he only tolerated because of his importance to Boruto. Sasuke admitted his own shortcomings as a teacher in chapter 69 and warned his student that he would soon be tested. A lot of his followers saw that as a prophecy that he was going to die soon. Given what Sasuke said, what Kawaki said to the younger Uzumaki, and the blood on the karma user’s face in the vision, it’s not out of the question that he kills one or both of them.

Reasons Kawaki could have turned against Konoha
Two factors may lead him astray. In chapter 75, Momoshiki told his ship that he and Kawaki may talk freely like this, but that Kawaki must not know about it. If the karma user believes that Boruto is under the control of Momoshiki and poses a threat to Naruto, he will not hesitate to murder Boruto again. After watching the Hokage’s reaction when Kawaki first murdered his son, it’s clear that he couldn’t handle witnessing his son’s death a second time.

The Seventh Hokage will undoubtedly jump into the fray to protect his son from harm if Kawaki tries to kill the younger Uzumaki in front of Naruto. It’s possible that Amado’s desire to flee the hamlet is connected to his desire to recreate Kawaki’s karma. According to the reactions of Mitsuki and Shikadai, the other karma bearer may have to attack his “brother” because he may be intercepted while trying to escape, possibly by Boruto himself.

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