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[Updated] Spoilers for Boruto chapter 75 New Raw Scans, Storyline, Summaries & What to Expect in this Chapter

The revelation of this knowledge concerning Eida’s abilities and Shinjutsu was included in Boruto chapter 75. However, due to Momoshiki’s meddling within Boruto’s mind, there has been some confusion over this. With Amado spilling the beans on the Otsutsuki God, additional mysteries are sure to be revealed to Boruto readers in the near future. Amado mentioned his deceased daughter Akebi and his attempts to revive her through clones in the previous chapter. After building Delta, a cyborg, his plan fell apart. Although he was successful in transferring Akebi’s memories to the cyborg, he was unable to give Delta the same personality.

Due to Jigen’s promise to bring Akebi back to life in exchange for Amado’s assistance, the latter was compelled to join his ranks. Amado’s Shinjutsu comparison is called out by Momoshiki in Boruto chapter 75. Amado said in chapter 75 of Boruto that he couldn’t generate any power, just transfer it from one person to another. Using the Otsutsuki God Shibai’s skeletal remnants, he transferred his own abilities to Eida and Daemon. Shibai, having achieved deity status, was able to perform “Divine Miracles,” also known as Shinjuku. Sage jutsu and Ninjutsu, which tried to imitate it, couldn’t compare to this ultimate form of art.

Amado clarified that the techniques used by Eida and Daemon, as well as the claw marks left by Code, the skills of Kawaki, and Karma, were all examples of Shinjutsu. Continuing, he said that the Otsutsuki God might not have perished but instead have only relocated to a new dimension. Through numerous cycles of development, Shibai may have advanced to a higher entity, necessitating a body that no longer existed, according to his idea. This might be the case because he ditched his corpse for this purpose. Momoshiki communicated with Boruto via their entangled thoughts when Amado disclosed his plan to resuscitate his daughter Akebi via Kawaki’s karmic resurrection. Momoshiki confided in his blonde buddy that there was something fishy about what Amado said.

Amado was mostly telling the truth when he talked about the Otsutsuki God Shibai and Shinjutsu, but Momoshiki, who knew quite a bit about the latter, suspected that Amado was exaggerating. When asked if Eida’s love charm power was a Shinjutsu, he said no since, while he had heard of Eida’s Senrigan, he had never heard of anything like it. Even if Momoshiki didn’t understand, Eida was able to verify through her Senrigan that what Amado had said was really accurate. Even Eida, who appeared to be telling the truth about what Amado had said at the time, seemed to be concealing something throughout the encounter.

Looking back at the manga, one can see that Amado did not explicitly state that Eida’s ability to cast a love charm was a Shinjutsu, which might lend credence to Momoshiki’s assertion. This suggests that Amado may have lied about Eida’s charming abilities on purpose. Though he may appear to be on your side, you should be wary since he may be hiding something. The mystery now is how Amado created a power comparable to Eida’s love charm. It’s possible that Amado transferred the love charm ability in some other way, despite his claims that he can’t create abilities. This may indicate that the power to cast love spells is based on ninjutsu or a similar branch of ninja science.

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