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[New] Read Black Clover Chapter 344 Raw Scans, Release Date, Leaks & Summaries

Recap of Chapter 343
Asta was nearly mastering his Zetten by the time he faced up against Ichika Yami, as shown in Chapter 343 of Black Clover. Lucius’s current story arc centres on his aspirations to establish a monarchy and wipe out everyone who doesn’t have access to magic. In addition, Captain Yami of the Black Bulls has a checkered past, as shown in Chapters 342 and 343. Ichika, his younger sister, blames him for the deaths of their parents and the rest of their family. As a result, there is a good likelihood that these plots may develop in a new direction in the upcoming Black Clover episode. The Black Clover franchise has more than just a chapter 344 delay on its hands, though; on March 31, 2023, an anime film adaptation of the series is set to premiere in Japan. Black Clover: Iron King’s Sword is the full title.


Black Clover Chapter 343 by Yuki Tabata is plenty of action, and readers can’t wait for the next issue of the Japanese manga. Black Clover Chapter 344 will be delayed by two weeks. Therefore, Black Clover Chapter 344 will appear in the 52nd edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, hitting newsstands on Sunday, November 27, 2022. The release of Black Clover 344 has been delayed owing to Yuki Tabata’s unexpected illness. The editorial staff has reached out to the audience to express their regrets for the delay.

The manga has gone on hiatus twice already. Chapter 341 was the last chapter before the manga took a weeklong hiatus. The remark from the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump Editorial Team was translated by Twitter user @nite baron. Black Clover 344 spoilers will appear in the same week as the chapter itself. Raw scans are released one to two days before the official issue of every manga chapter, so fans may read them before the official release. However, we recommend that all Black Clover readers wait until the manga is made available on official sites before diving in.

Fights between Asta and Ichika are featured in the newest chapter. Asta and Ichika get into a brawl after a heated argument. Asta had previously been cautioned by Ichika that she shouldn’t hold her responsible for his death. They’re making a case for or against Captain Yami. Ichika tries to draw Asta away from the battle with her strength, but he utilises Union Mode as a yoryoku repellant. While Asta tries to harm her, Ichika casts the dark star magic known as Dark Yojutsu. For the most part, taijutsu and kenjutsu, according to Ichika, are the best places to use Dark Yojutsu (ie physical & sword fights).

When Asta sees her, she swings the Demon Destroyer Sword at her. Asta, however, is powerless against Ichika. The blow from Ichika knocks him into the pool. The disagreement and conflict persist. They begin using their Zetten, and Ryudo Ryuya discovers Asta is haemorrhaging heavily. He goes over to see whether everything is okay. According to Asta’s explanation, Zetten is of no value in that part of the world. The manga closes with a scene of Sister Lily and her two Paladins, as Ryuya gazes skyward. They’re here,” Ryu explains. Lily – “Although I have never seen it for myself, I have heard that it does exist… The Sunshine State!”

Where & When to Read?

Manga Plus and Viz Media’s websites, as well as the Shonen Jump app (Android and iOS), will be the first places to post the new chapter. Release times and dates for various regions of the world are shown below.
Time in the Pacific: 7 a.m.
9:00 AM, Central Time.
Noon on the East Coast.
UK time is 3 a.m.
It is 2:00 AM in Europe.
It’s 8:30 in the morning, India Standard Time.
Time in Japan: 12 Noon

Chapter 344 of Black Clover: Two Week Vacation!
After this issue, Black Clover by Tabata Yuuki will go on hiatus for two weeks, as announced in the 50th edition of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. The Mangaka has become ill unexpectedly, and here is why. It was not included in issue 50, and it won’t be included in issue 51 either. In the 52nd issue, it will be back. Consequently, next week’s planned release of Black Clover 344 has been pushed back to two weeks.

The manga has entered its eleventh chapter. VIZ Media is also doing digital publication for the series. There have been three seasons of the TV anime adaptation. Its debut season began airing in October 2017. Two more seasons would follow, with the last one wrapping up in March 2021. The English dub is available for streaming on Funimation. Crunchyroll also hosts dubbed Japanese content.

Release Schedule for Black Clover Chapter 344
In the 52nd edition of Weekly Shonen Magazine, readers can look forward to the continuation of the Black Clover Manga with Chapter 344. The projected release date is November 21, 2022. All of the chapters will be made available to readers thanks to Viz Media.

A Shonen Manga of the Highest Quality As of right now, Black Clover is on hiatus. It has been decided to postpone Black Clover Chapter 344. In terms of popularity, this series is among the finest of the new-generation Shonen genre. Asta and Yuno are two orphans who escaped the same day from the same institution. They learn of a Wizard King, a title bestowed upon the most powerful sorcerer in the Kingdom, and set out to find him. The manga’s eleventh arc has been generating a lot of buzz among readers. Accordingly, the supporters must be dissatisfied with the hiatus.

Tabata Yuuki is the author of the Black Clover manga. Over 18 million copies of the Manga have been printed so far. Furthermore, the television adaptation was 2020’s most-watched anime on Crunchyroll. Last night’s episode was the 170th and last one in the TV series adaptation. In February of 2015, Weekly Shonen Jump began serialising the Black Clover manga.

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