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[New] Latest One Punch Man Chapter 174 Leaks, Spoilers, Summaries & Plot

When Will One Punch Man Chapter 174 Be Published?
The official release date is 17th Nov, 2022. Murata, however, has announced on Twitter that he is finished with sketches for Chapter 174 of One Punch Man. There is a wide range of expected release dates across various websites.

As of the most recent chapter, it appears that some are focusing their attention on Saitama. After defeating Garou, a new phase will begin. A fresh war is on the horizon. Fans anticipate a showdown between Saitama and the Almighty. Though, none can definitively pin down who God is. In contrast, Sweet Mask makes wild assumptions about Saitama’s mysterious past.

After all, it seems unlikely that a hero currently operating at the “C” level could suddenly become a top priority. Spoilers for the whole series will be revealed in One Punch Man Chapter 174.  The Manga has now caught up with the events of the first series. As a result of reading the comics, Yusuke Murata has been inspired. Therefore, the following storyline will undoubtedly involve Sweet Mask. But why is he so important to the following chapter? Is there a connection between this and Blast’s spiritual search?

Recap of Chapter 173
To review, Chapter 173 of One Punch Man was titled “Secret Intel.” Substantial Heroes spoilers are implied by the title. Metal Knight blamed Saitama when the latter caused his defences to fail. He researched the organization’s membership records. However, Metal Knight was unable to locate any unique clues about him. So, he would watch him closely. Sitch had mentioned Blast’s quest for cubes two days prior, at a meeting. Monsters might be created using these cubes. All this time, he had actively opposed God.

During the fight with Elder Centipede two years ago, Blast battled the monster on his own. While God extended the offer of superhuman abilities, he turned it down. Genos had earlier claimed in the meeting that Saitama could easily kill God. Sitch retorted that he could only be defeated by Blast. He can warp space and time at will. Genos, however, detailed how Saitama was able to alter the past. Sweet Mask, who had been in the meeting for four hours, left because he was bored. Genos continued regardless.

One-Punch Man Chapter 174: Spoilers & Expectations
One Punch Man Chapter 174 hasn’t been given a title by Murata just yet. However, there is a lot that viewers can guess about the upcoming story. Saitama’s world is one in which people can assume the appearance of their greatest obsessions. Several people have developed villainous or monstrous tendencies. On the other hand, those who shared in this obsession and desire reaped the benefits.

In light of the information provided in the previous chapter regarding monsterification, Mask’s reaction to this new knowledge is quite intriguing. Could there be something he’s not telling us? He may have made a deal with the Almighty. So far, his fan base has been extremely hostile. Maybe now they’ll start to feel comfortable around him. Likewise, the distinction between Garou and Sweet Mask will become crystal clear. Whatever the case, Blast is confident that God has a purpose in influencing their universe. It’s possible he’s being drawn to this location by some mysterious force. Saitama’s silhouette appears at this point in the current chapter. Is God’s ultimate goal the defeat of Saitama?

It could be related to the fact that Saitama has disabled the restriction on his power. In light of this information, the distinction between God and Saitama becomes more tenuous. This also clarifies why God gave Garou his abilities; Garou was the one who attempted to murder Saitama. Is there anything left for God to do after watching his minions flounder? In a short while, every answer will be available.

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