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[Leaked] Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 344 Raw Scans, Preview, Storyline Released Online

Several fan theories about the Paladins and the Dark Triad were confirmed by spoilers for Black Clover chapter 344, which were released early this week. There is a heavy emphasis on Lucius and his underlings in this chapter, but all seven Ryuzens are introduced as well. After a two-week break for Tabata’s health, Black Clover Chapter 344 is back online. The chapter length of 15 pages is the new standard. Since there will be no hiatus next week, let’s hope the mangaka is feeling better.

Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 344
Spoilers for Chapter 344 of Black Clover reveal the return of Morris and the Dark Triad, along with the debut of the full cast of seven Ryuzens. Spoilers for Black Clover chapter 344 suggest that it begins with Lucius speaking to a wheelchair-bound Morris. As a result of Lucifero’s possession, Morris has lost both of his limbs. Currently, Lucius appears to be sitting still, as seen in the raw scans, while connected to three cocoons that evoke the womb. His three younger siblings are safe and sound inside these cocoons. If you touch Morris’ chest, you can feel Lucius starting to heal him. Even though Morris was born blind, he manages to give him his sight back. The man’s “salvation,” he says, was his primary motivation. Lucius taps Morris on the forehead after he has been healed and tells him to use his science and Modification Magic to establish harmony in the new world.

Morris grants Lucius’ wish because he believes his magic to be so much greater than Recovery Magic that it can be compared to the power of God. Lucius then summons Lily to himself, telling her that he has witnessed an unfavourable future unfolds in a distant land, specifically the Land of the Sun. He begs Lily to round up more Paladins and prevent this dystopian scenario from coming to fruition. Lily points out that Lucius is immobile at the moment, so it’s up to the Paladins to remove any obstacles from the path to a better future.

The Paladins are shocked to find that many of the towns in the Land of the Sun have been abandoned when they arrive. Yururu, one of Lily’s subordinates, is driven to use Beast Magic after being given the order to carry it out. He employs the five-headed dragon form of “Beast Magic: Holy Howling.” On the other hand, five of the Ryuzen Seven, led by Ichika, are waiting for the Paladins on a nearby roof. They declare their intention to protect their country at all costs when Black Clover chapter 344 cuts to Asta, who is distracted by the five-headed dragon appearing in the sky. It’s revealed that Asta is in the middle of another training session with the remaining two Ryuzen. One of them, the strongest of the seven Ryuzen, advises him to concentrate on training and bring forth his full ability.

Fans have long since theorised about the Dark Triad’s reappearance, much more so once Lucius’ identity was revealed. During Asta’s struggle with Lucifero’s incarnation, many readers came up with the hypothesis that the three dark cocoons were partially tied to the Dark Triad. Black Clover chapter 344 seems to have proven that notion. But it’s not clear if Lucius is replenishing them or draining their strength. In any case, he appears to be in the middle of some sort of treatment and getting ready for the last showdown. In the raw scans of Black Clover 344, Sister Lily comes to Lucius in her human form. However, in chapter 343 she appears in her Paladin form.

It is unknown if Paladins can assume human shape without being uncovered by magic, and if they can, whether they can hide in plain sight. It’s also feasible that Lily and Lucius’s dialogue doesn’t take place on any sort of physical plane at all and instead takes place in Lily’s mind or Lucius’s. With Morris’s reappearance in Chapter 344 of Black Clover, Lucius has successfully indoctrinated another recognisable figure to become one of his henchmen, following in the footsteps of Damnatio and, presumably, Heath. His plans for putting Morris’ skills to use are murky, although they may include bringing back his long-dead brothers. Not only that but unlike Vetto, the other Paladin who looks like Rades has actually utilised Beast Magic.

The seven Ryuzen are first presented in Black Clover 344. Even though Ichika appears to be in charge, this new Ryuzen asserts that he is the strongest. The leakers have interpreted his arrogant usage of the pronoun “Ore-Sama” as “the Almighty Me.” It looks like Asta has a long way to go in his training, and readers should not expect to witness another confrontation between him and Sister Lily very soon.

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