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Complete Spoilers for One Piece episode 1041, Latest Spoilers Leaked Online

Episode 1041 of One Piece, titled Showdown Battles of the Monsters!, premiered on Sunday, November 20. The comedy and action in Yamato and Franky are abundant. There is still a fight going on between Kaido and his army and the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies. With the Gifters’ wholesale betrayal, however, the tide has turned in favour of the Straw Hats. After the previous episode’s focus on Jinbe’s meeting with Who’s Who, the characters in One Piece episode 1041 are given more screen time as they, too, wait for Luffy’s return. The Straw Hats and their friends keep fighting against Kaido and the Animal Kingdom pirates in One Piece episode 1041.

Kaido vs. Yamato
Yamato’s argument with Kaido, his father, on the rooftop of Onigashima, is revisited in One Piece episode 1041. Yamato instantly rejects Kaido’s suggestion that he become a Shogun of the kingdom of Wano without objecting since he does not wish to rule anybody. Further, he emphasises that he would not be coerced into doing anything against his will. Soon after, Kaido begs him to remain by his side. Even yet, Yamato’s desire to escape his father’s influence and control is too strong, and the attempt fails. The son then says he plans to hold off on killing Kaido until Luffy gets back. From there, the conflict between Mythical Zoan Human-Beast forms of Kaido and Yamato commences.

The King vs. Sanji
When the action shifts to the Live Floor, it looks like Queen has the upper hand over Sanji in One Piece episode 1041. While the fight rages on, the blond chef gets a couple of hits from the cyborg’s armoured body. When Sanji kicks back in retaliation, he’s put in a defensive position once more. This is due to the fact that Queen unleashed laser beams from his mechanical claw, causing the blond chef to duck for cover. And when Sanji says that Franky would appreciate Queen’s laser technology, the cyborg gets agitated.

Zoro injects himself with the medication
The Zou medication Miyagi described in One Piece episode 1041 has been delivered to Zoro. Even if the treatment works immediately, it actually makes the patient’s condition worse in the long run. Zoro is set on stealing it since he knows Sanji cannot take on Queen by himself. The green-haired pirate laughably flinches at the sight of the enormous needle used to inject the medication into his veins.

Sasaki versus Franky
And in One Piece 1041, Gifters join Franky (now inside General Franky) in his battle against the Animal Kingdom pirates. Tobiroppo, n. Sasaki is aware that Tama has converted his subordinates, but it doesn’t prevent him from battling Franky. The former assumes his Man-Beast Form, a chimaera of humans and triceratops. Sasaki takes to the air, and a sword battle ensues. Next, he charges Franky, but the latter uses his General Shield to deflect his horn. Just before the commercial break, the former is seen giving Sasaki a General Suplex.

Awakening from his coma, Luffy
The Heart Pirates are seen aboard their ship in One Piece episode 1041, attempting to revive Luffy. The water in his lungs has been drained. The Straw Hats’ leader had previously drowned during a battle with Kaido, but after a number of episodes, he comes to. The captain struggles to express his hunger but manages to remark that meat is what he needs to live.

What exactly transpired in the last instalment?
In One Piece 1040, the audience is given further information, in the form of numbers, on the impact Tama has had on the mass defection. There were once 30,000 pirates on Kaido’s side and 5,000 on Luffy’s side, but now only 16,000 were on Kaido’s side and 9,000 were on Luffy’s. Zeus was also shown to befriend Nami in this episode. Big Mom promised to destroy him if the former would not murder the Straw Hats’ navigator, so he made an attempt on his life. Due to this, Nami was cautious to accept him as a friend or even an attendant at first.

Then she reconsidered and choose Zeus instead of Hercules as her combat companion. Jinbe’s admiration and respect for Luffy’s fighting skills were front and centre in this episode. As for the Straw Hats’ captain, Jinbe said he has faith in his return to the fray and is ready to cope with any adversaries. Then, without any trouble, he took care of Who’s Who. From Jinbe’s pleas to One Piece’s main character to save Ace, to his guiding a grieving Luffy, to the Straw Hats’ captain requesting him to join his crew, and finally, to Luffy’s elation upon their reunion, all of these events and more were depicted in a montage of flashbacks.

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