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The trailer for “Plane” Synopsis, Release Date & Cast Details

The plane, Gerard Butler’s upcoming action film, was promoted by the actor himself yesterday on Twitter, suggesting that audiences should get on board before the film’s release at the end of the month. The protagonist is a pilot who, after being forced to make an emergency landing due to a storm, finds himself in the heart of a conflict zone rife with armed individuals eager to take hostages. The Plane teaser confirms what we already knew: The whole journey will be fraught with anxiety. The trailer starts with a quote from LOST, referencing another famous media depiction of an aircraft crash: “survive together, die alone.”

Tony Goldwyn, the protagonist of Scandal, devises a plan to get Butler and the other passengers to safety when their plane crashes into a war-torn country in the Philippines. Butler, meantime, must team up with a runaway passenger to save the others from the hands of the local militia. The teaser also highlights Butler’s ability to write exciting narratives, an area in which he has focused for the past several years. The movies of the Scottish actor Butler have been well received by reviewers and spectators alike, despite the fact that the actor himself does not have a massive fan base.

He has starred in films including “Last Seen Alive,” “Copshop,” “Greenland,” and “Has Fallen.” Launching the Plane was delayed after it was announced in 2019, with the COVID-19 pandemic likely being a contributing factor. Opening in a usually slow month, the action-lead thriller has stars and multi-million dollar makers that frequently attract spectators, so it might be one of 2023’s initial box office draws. In addition to directing Plane, Jean François Richet directed the action-packed Assault on Precinct 13 starring Ethan Hawke and Lawrence Fishburne, as well as the French gangster epic action biography Public Enemy No.1 and its sequel, both of which starred Vincent Cassel. Screenwriters J.P. Davis (The Contractor) and Charles Cumming (adapting his own best-seller) are both making their feature picture debuts with this project.

Along with Butler and Goldwyn, Plane also stars Daniella Pineda (Jurassic World: Dominion), Yoson An (Mulan), Remi Adeleke (Transformers: The Last Knight), Haleigh Hekking (Action Royale), Lilly Krug (Every Breath You Take), Joey Slotnick (The Blacklist), Oliver Trevena (While We Sleep), and newcomer Kelly Gale.
The premiere date for the movie Plane is January 27.

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