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The Trailer for Season 2 of “Gangs of London”, Cast, Synopsis, Release Date & More

Season 2 of the gritty crime thriller Gangs of London, set among the multinational crime gangs that govern the namesake city, and the undercover cop working within the criminal underbelly, has an official trailer, and it has been released by AMC+. The new trailer establishes the competing groups in the city and the threat posed by a new criminal organisation. Two brand new episodes will debut on AMC+ on November 17, with a new episode airing each week after that. Season 2 promises a war for London’s soul after the previous season was praised for its dramatic conclusion, which threw everything into turmoil. After Sean Wallace’s murder, the Wallace criminal family disperses, the Dumanis collapse, and former undercover detective Elliot Finch (p Drsù) is forced to work for the Investors because he no longer has the Wallaces or the police agency that had hired him.

As the city adjusts to its new power order, with allies and adversaries forming alliances and betrayals as necessary and the Investors urgently vying for dominance, bloodshed is inevitable. Change is the only constant this season in London. The new preview sets the setting for Elliot’s return as the Investors to hint at their grand intentions for the city once they gain control. Elliot, battle-tested from his imprisonment during Wallace’s war, plots revenge on Koba, a rising hero in London and the guy the Investors have been hyping as their powerful new figure on the streets (Waleed Zuaiter).

His clout in the city has been building, and he and Elliot are headed for a deadly showdown. Koda has collected a lot of power, so it looks like Elliot will be teaming up with some of his old pals to fight back against the new order and reclaim authority in the city. The second season of Gangs of London will include the return of several familiar faces, including Drsù, Paapa Essiedu, Lucian Msamati, Michelle Fairley, Orli Shuka, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Brian Vernel, Narges Rashidi, Asif Raza Mir, and Valene Kane. There are several new faces in the cast this time around, including Zuaiter, Jahz Armando, Fady El-Sayed, Salem Kali, and Aymen Hamdouchi. Sky Original sitcom co-created by Gareth Evans and Matt Flannery, which became an instant smash in its first season.

Emmy and BAFTA nominations for the series’ stunt work followed its April 2020 UK premiere and its following autumn launch on AMC+, generating some awards hype for the first season. Tom Butterworth, Lauren Sequeira, Danusia Samal, Rowan Athale, Meg Salter, and Steve Searle are on board as writers, while Season 2 will be directed by Corin Hardy, Marcela Said, and Nima Nourizadeh. On November 17, AMC+ will premiere the first two episodes of Season 2 of Gangs of London.

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