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[Latest] Synopsis for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 Updates, leaks, Release Date, Summary & Much More

What to Expect from Chapter 73?

The next arc of the Boruto manga will have Boruto Uzumaki and his squad embarking on a new, as-yet-unknown mission, and last month’s chapter set the stage for this. Prior to this, viewers witnessed Amado and his team establish communication with Shikamaru. Amado is getting ready to return to Konoha alongside people like Ada and Daemon, where he plans to finally expose the truth about his background and his genuine motivations. His history has been a hot topic of speculation for quite some time, and it appears that the moment is now right for him to spill the beans. Code was also seen constructing a new foe for Boruto and the company, and it will be fascinating to watch how they do against each other in battle. The next chapter of Boruto, number 73, is scheduled for release later this month, and it will include a wealth of new material.

The Truth According to Amado – Boruto Chapter 73
Amado, the brilliant scientist from Kara and current resident of Konoha, will be front and centre in Boruto chapter 73. Ada and Daemon rescued Amado after he had been abducted by Code. With his deception, he was able to kill two birds with one stone by convincing them to join Konoha. This would provide Konoha with a formidable barrier against Code and shield them from Ada and Daemon as well. Chapter 73 of Boruto will feature the long-awaited disclosure of Amado’s truth. His character’s secrets have been a point of interest for fans for a long time, and it’s about time they were exposed. In the following chapter, Amado will likely return to Konoha, and the audience will learn his actual goals. He may have his motivations for working with Jigen revealed in the future chapter.

To complete Boruto’s mission, see Chapter 73
The truth about Amado isn’t the only issue that Boruto chapter 73 will address. Boruto Uzumaki and the Seventh Team were summoned to the Hokage’s office earlier today to take on a new task. The mission’s specifics are still unknown, but this month’s chapter should shed some light on the subject. After being sidelined for a while, fans will get to see Team 7’s return to play. Boruto Uzumaki and his squad will likely face significant risk on this mission. The fact that even Hinata is anxious about Boruto’s return shows just how perilous the next mission will be for our heroes. Furthermore, as seen in the prologue, Boruto is getting closer and closer to his time jump with each new chapter, and this arc may as well be the last one before he does so. Colleagues 7 is leaving on what seems to be an extremely risky mission that can likely be completed by only Boruto and his team. Nothing has been proven at this time, however, this provides further circumstantial evidence that the mission is connected to the Karma and the Otsutsuki clan.

The Humanoid Ten-Tails
Since the Ten-Tails is so potent, it’s safe to assume that these monsters are formidable fighters, too. Fans may expect Team 7 and some of these animals to engage in some high-stakes action. Depending on Code’s current plans, they may also play a more significant role in the future. It appears that beginning with Boruto chapter 73, things will quickly get more exciting.

Spoilers for Boruto Naruto: The Next Generations Chapter 73
After capturing the Ten Tail, Code used his Claw Marks to shrink it down to human size. In addition, he cast the Ten-Tails claw markings with Chakra materialisation to summon an army of bests. The chapter picks up after Team 7 has assembled and Sasuke has given them orders to infiltrate the Ten-Tails’ base of operations. Getting to the secret base will be easy now that Sasuke has provided directions. Having made up their minds, Naruto and Sasuke will now head to the enemy’s stronghold.

Code is gathering his troops in preparation for battle, but his adversaries have already located his stronghold. The new army has been given extensive Chakra powers by Ten Tail. Learning about Code’s raid on Leaf village, Eida and Daemon decide to provide a hand. Since they have previously collaborated with Code, they are aware of their strategies for defeating Ten-Tails. The invasion of Leaf village is planned by Code. To save Leaf Village, Dameon and Eida know they must hurry. Kawaki is sceptical about Eida and whether or not she will truly aid the town. He is aware that the villagers’ mistrust of him is a direct result of Eida’s actions. Eventually, Eida and Dae mon will make their way to the Leaf Village. Code, on the other hand, is taken aback when he sees a group of six individuals standing in front of him and understands he has been stopped. In order to transport his troops to Leaf Village, Code syphoned off part of Ten Tails’ Chakra.

He was aware that he was reserving the Chakra for a future need. Code dispatches his troops and the Ten-Tails to the Leaf community, but he doesn’t bring the Claw Marks with him. In the midst of an attack on Leaf Village, Kawaki sees Dameon and Eida show their true colours. The Ten Tail Beasts will be Boruto Chapter 73’s hardest obstacle. Code has readied an army of these troops. The incorporation of the Ten Tail Beasts gives them tremendous chakra strength. In any case, Eida and Daemon will aid Konoha village in avoiding this doom. They helped Code carry out his scheme. So it’s possible they’ll have the key to vanquishing the creatures. But first, they must infiltrate the Konoha village. Kawaki’s anger at Eida stems from his perception that he received unwanted assistance. Because of Eida’s behaviour, the entire town has begun to distrust him. To that end, the manga will kick off with Eida and Daemon’s arrival at the village. After Eida and Daemon aid the town in their struggle against the Ten tail Beasts, Kawaki will recognise their loyalty.

After Amado freed Code from his restrictions and persuaded Eida to join forces with Konoha in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 72, the two were no longer able to work together. Enraged, Code swore revenge on Kawaki and used his Claw Marks to teleport to the location of the Ten-Tails. Because the Ten-Tailed Beast is made of pure chakra, he may sever it with his Claw Marks and turn it into an army of Claw-Marked humanoid Ten-Tails. According to the spoilers for chapter 73, the series will be focusing more on Eida’s reception in Konoha than on Code’s current situation. This essay, written after the English version was officially published, summarises and analyses the key points of Chapter 73.

What do You need to Know About Boruto Chapter 73?

Kawaki and Boruto have a chat
Titled “A Special Mission,” Chapter 73 shows Sarada on the front cover. The younger Uzumaki, Mitsuki, and Sarada begin the chapter by theorising about the nature of their new assignment. Mitsuki claims that this operation, with Kawaki aboard and Momoshiki’s emergence put on hold, would mark the debut of the new Team 7. Both karma-bearers, Kawaki and Borushiki, meet for the first time since Kawaki attempted to kill Borushiki in the Hokage’s office. Kawaki expresses casual surprise at the blonde karma-recovery user’s as they go on a conversation. The second responds that he is alright now and is sorry for the trouble he created.

While speaking with Code and Eida, Shikamaru describes the issue
Shikamaru takes control of the gathering and proceeds to describe the present predicament facing Konoha. Beginning with Boruto’s, albeit partial, incarnation as Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s vessel, he continues on to Kawaki’s reestablished karma and his use of Isshiki’s powers.
He sees them both as dangerous since they can’t control their abilities in the event that one of them goes berserk. Next, Shikamaru discusses Amado’s assessment of Code’s current condition and explains how Eida’s enchantment power works. In light of the fact that Code is presently more powerful than Jigen, who had previously challenged both Naruto and Sasuke, he emphasised the need of getting along with Eida.

The new objective for Team 7
Shikamaru ultimately discloses Team 7’s new goal by explaining why the Otsutsuki is immune to Eida’s abilities. Since Boruto and Kawaki are the only ones who can stand up to Eida’s charms and not let themselves be deceived by her, they have been given no choice but to move in with her. Sarada and Mitsuki are to report on their whereabouts and keep an eye on Eida from the outside while she entertains them. Momoshiki has further directed his vessel to act as a mediator between Eida and Kawaki so as to avoid incurring Eida’s anger due to Kawaki’s erratic nature.

They first objected to the arrangement, but after hearing more about Eida’s strength from Shikamaru and realising that the entire operation hinged on observation from Sarada, they came to accept it.

Eida overhears Konoha making preparations.

As shown in Chapter 73, Eida uses her Senrigan to listen in on Konoha’s train conversations. When she finds out she’ll be sharing a house with Kawaki, she’s mortified, and Shikamaru’s revelation that Eida has a crush on him just makes matters worse. When her heart starts pounding so hard, Daemon wakes up and wonders what’s happening.
Eida seems overwhelmed and reassures Daemon that everything is great and that this is the answer she’s been looking for.

Sumire accurately anticipates that there is no use in desiring someone who likes her immediately owing to her skill when Boruto questions why Eida would choose Kawaki when she can captivate anybody else. Kawaki openly questions Eida’s intelligence, and Shikamaru warns them that she can eavesdrop on their conversations at will by describing her Senrigan.

An appearance by Momoshiki and some chatter between Sasuke and Naruto
In Chapter 73, Sasuke explains to Naruto that keeping an eye on Boruto is just as important as keeping an eye on Kawaki and Eida. It’s been described as “a glorified house arrest” by Sasuke, and “extremely Shikamaru-like” by Naruto. In Naruto’s opinion, Shikamaru’s plan to delegate authority to the two karma carriers is preferable to his choice of dying somewhere since he would be able to keep a close eye on them without drawing attention to himself.

Chapter 73 reveals Momoshiki hiding behind Boruto as Shikamaru briefs Team 7 on emergencies in which they must act without waiting for orders. Kawaki is the first to see him as he abruptly turns around and realises that Otsutsuki is no longer in the room.
Sasuke, too, is aware of him, and he reflects on how he suddenly feels like he did when he was younger and still had the Rinnegan and battled with Naruto and Momoshiki. At the end of Boruto chapter 75, a relieved and appreciative Eida gives credit to Shikamaru for his brilliant plan. In this episode, the protagonist of the story is shown to be a time bomb, and the situation is made even more precarious by Eida’s erratic behaviour. If Code decides to assault Konoha, which might happen soon in the manga, how well Kawaki gets along with Eida will determine the city’s destiny.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 Read Online
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 is available in digital format via Viz and Mangaplus. We recommend you use one of the official channels to read the current chapter. You may read the most recent chapters, as well as obtain information about forthcoming chapters and hundreds of other comics, for free on Viz and Mangaplus.

Recap of Boruto Chapter 72

The confrontation between Shikamaru and Kawaki was the first event of Chapter 72 of Boruto. Kawaki’s Karma had been damaged, and Shika suspected that he had enlisted Eida’s aid to fix things. Kawaki, however, was unaware of it. Amado called Shikamaru out of the blue. His explanation to Shika was that he could not bring Code along. But he has cut Code off from Eida and Daemon. More importantly, Eida has agreed to Shikamaru’s proposal. This news confused Shikamaru. He froze in the face of the unexpected challenge. Despite this, Shika gave Amado orders to bring them both to Konoha. Momoshiki continues to annoy Boruto without stopping. Boruto saw Momoshiki’s ghost while on his way to the Hokage’s workplace. He said Boruto was destined to serve as a vehicle for him. After that, though, Code and his servant took centre stage. They went down into the basement where Code kept the Nine Tail Beast he had tamed. Along with the chakra’s materialisation, he used it to cast the monster’s claw marks. Because of this, the massive beast gave birth to a legion of troops. Code was overpowered by Dameon throughout their combat, but he managed to escape, and in the previous episode, we learned what he and Ten-Tails had in mind. As a result, Code does the unthinkable and acquires Ten-Tails and other minions he developed to carry out his plan to wipe out Leaf and everyone.

Code has upgraded the Claw Marks he used to reduce the size of Ten Tails and make him more manageable. Information about Code’s strategy, which will be revealed in Chapter 73 spoilers, will be made available. Code understood that now or never, he must launch an assault before the likes of Eida, Dameon, and Amado reached the Leaf. While spoilers may not have revealed every last detail of the next chapter, they do contain all the great parts that you won’t want to miss. After the recent release of Chapter 72, speculation about what could happen in Chapter 73 has been widespread. Readers of the Boruto manga know that the most intriguing element of Code’s ambitions is related to the fact that he, Eida, and Dameon all ended up being separated.

Each month until September 2022, fans of Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto’s acclaimed shonen manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations may look forward to a new chapter. Since Code’s creation of an army of Ten-Tails humanoid monsters was depicted in Chapter 72, “Smaller and More Useful,” readers have been left wondering what would become of the shinobi of Konoha and the formidable adversaries they will face in the future. Find out when and where you can read Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73, as well as get a sneak, peek at what’s to come in this comprehensive update.

When can we expect to read Boruto Chapter 73?
Typically, a new chapter of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga is released once a month, and its upcoming publication is expected in the next few days.
We anticipate that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 will be available on September 20.
The release time for Chapter 73 is Tuesday, December 4 at 12:00 AM JST.
Chapter 73’s English translations are expected to go live on the web at the following times (but might go live before) if the estimated publication date is correct.
Tuesday, September 20th, 2017 at 9AM PT
Tuesday, September 20 at 11 a.m. CDT
Midday on Tuesday, September 20 (at Eastern Time)
When: September 20 at 5 o’clock p.m., British Standard Time

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 Release Date
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 73 will be released on 20 September 2022. Fans of Boruto know that a new chapter is usually released every month, however, this schedule is subject to change if there are any delays.

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