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[Leaked] My Hero Academia Chapter 367 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans, Synopsis & Summary

Release Date for My Hero Academia Chapter 367
On September 25th, 2022, Chapter 367 of My Hero Academia will be available. Tomura is curious about the state of affairs now that Izuku is here. After Tomura takes a beating for harming and killing Izuku’s comrades, the real battle between Tomura and Izuku Midoriya begins in the next chapter.

Recap of Chapter 366
Lemillion surveys the battlefield and sees that the Pro Heroes are fighting for their lives against Tomura in the previous chapter of My Hero Academia. It’s in this context that he inquires of Sir Nighteye whether or not this is the fate he had predicted. Those Pro Heroes who managed to survive were contacted telepathically by the people of Mandalay. The group’s morale is boosted after hearing the news from Mandalay, which prompts the request to raise the electromagnetic shield. When it becomes clear that it will take more than two seconds to subdue Tomura Shigaraki, Best Jeanist panics.

Lemillion’s anxiety over Tomura persists, and he can’t stop thinking about what he said. He is so intimidated by Tomura’s words and abilities that he can’t bear to look at him. The other Pro Heroes are busy with the assignment that Mandalay assigned them, so Lemillion decides to find a method to divert Tomura’s attention. Lemillion is discouraged by this, but he remembers what his old instructor had taught him: “The A word without comedy and grin has no bright future.” Tomura was caught off guard as Lemillion materialised below him. Tomura doubts the child’s willingness to die, while Lemillion attempts to irritate him. Tomura finally gives up and agrees to interact with Lemillion, thinking that Lemillion would provide some amusement, but he has no idea what Lemilion is up to.

Tomura has no idea that the electromagnetic barrier has been breached. While Lemillion and Tomura are inside having fun, an unknown person in a black suit and a squadron of fighter planes approach. The unidentified man does a Black Whip and lands on the telephone poles. When Tomura takes stock of his surroundings, he sees that the time has come for Hero to show up. Tomura and the “Hero” meet each other’s gaze. He didn’t see it coming until he got pummelling. The unexpected hero of the conflict turned out to be Izuku Midoriya.

About Chapter 367
After the events of the “Full Moon,” My Hero Academia Chapter 367 picks up where we left off. After Tomura Shigaraki takes control of the Heroes, this occurs. Tomura fights very mercilessly because he wants to wipe out everything in his path. After giving the Heroes a run for their money, Tomura Shigaraki is finally moving in for the kill. Nonetheless, as the fight progresses, Tomura will encounter some unexpected twists. Due to the effects of the Quirk Singularity, Tomura Shigaraki is undergoing a noticeable transformation. Tomura’s lust for destruction, however, unchains the swollen mass of fingers that dominates all others and keeps them within reach. The Heroes, however, band together and manage to stave off Tomura’s assaults. However, Erasure disabled his Super Regeneration, relieving him of mounting emotional and physical strain.

And this also brings Erasure’s physique into its perfect shape. Tomura’s left-hand carry the five faces of the Shimura family, and his torso is covered with fingers. When Mirko tries to latch on, she is punched in the face. The same assault on Suneater and Nejire Chan from Tomura persists. Lemillion, a Pro Hero, tries to shield Suneater, Nejire Chan, and Mirko from Tomura’s sight by standing in the way. Tomura, on the other hand, thinks he is too strong for regular humans and makes fun of Lemillion for being an easy target. Lemillion’s fear was justified; Tomura was clearly outmatching them. While this is happening, Best Jeanist makes a quick retreat and tries to keep him down with carbon fibres while wondering if this new defensive stance is his only remaining choice. Lemillion, full of pride and determination, refuses to give up and attempts an assault on Tomura, who shrugs him off as easily as if he were a piece of paper being blown by the wind. Assault against Best Jeanist from Tomura.

Read Online My Hero Academia Chapter 367!
Viz Media and Mangaplus have uploaded My Hero Academia Chapter 367 to their respective internet databases. The official websites for the My Hero Academia manga are accessible from anywhere in the world, and they update every week with brand-new, free chapters. The previous ones are still available in case you missed them.

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