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Complete Spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 339, Delayed Released Date, Full Storyline Leaked Online

Black Clover Chapter 339 has been postponed, but fortunately just for a week. Both the date and the hour that Chapter 339 will be available to readers are fixed in stone by the authors. From start to finish, Black Clover’s final arc has been full of unexpected twists and turns. When readers last left Asta, his life was in jeopardy and he had just met Yami’s sister in the Hino Country, who may become his new mentor in his struggle against Lucius.
Considering all that’s been going on, it’s reasonable that supporters are frustrated by the latest setback.

The delay in the publishing of Black Clover Chapter 339 is unfortunate, but the new release date has been set. There was supposed to be a release for Black Clover Chapter 339 on September 25th, 2022. Chapter 9 will resume on October 2, 2022, although it won’t be available on the Viz Media or Manga Plus websites until then. Due to worldwide simultaneous airing, here is how it will unfold at various times:
It’s 8:00 AM in the Pacific Time Zone (October 2nd)
Local Time: 10:00 AM (October 2nd)
Currently, it is 11:00 AM ET (October 2nd)
Time in Britain: 06:00 (October 2nd)
Evening in Europe: 5:00 (October 2nd)
As of 8:30 PM, Indian Standard Time (October 2nd)
In Japan, it is currently 12:00 AM (October 3rd)

Recap of Chapter 338
To calm Asta’s fears, Ryuudou says that Lucius won’t threaten the Clover Kingdom for a while. When Asta inquires as to the meaning of the term “Shogun,” he explains that it is equivalent to the position of “Wizard King” in his land. Asta is taken aback and comments that he doesn’t seem all that powerful. After hearing this, Ichika becomes enraged and labels him a foreigner.

An embarrassed Asta mutters that she recognises her since she looks so familiar. Ryuudou decides to show Asta about his hometown, and the two of them end up in the local market afterwards. That’s shocking to Asta since he’s never seen anything like it in his home country. As Ryuudou explains, sorcery is practised in his nation rather than magic, and scrolls are used instead of grimoires.

Ryuudou abruptly pushes two innocent bystanders out of the path, and the bandits quickly storm the town. Asta ponders whether or whether the all-seeing Ryuudou anticipated the impending danger and rescued the bystanders. The thugs mock Ryuudou for being powerless, and he agrees. Ichika quickly appears and wipes the floor with them. When Asta becomes aroused and approaches Ichika, she grabs his face and pulls him away, prompting Ryuudou to confess that she is Yami’s younger sister.

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