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Mikio Ikemoto and Kodachi Ukyou adapted Boruto: Naruto Next Generation from the manga of the same name. Naruto Shippuden’s Fourth Shinobi War aftermath is the focus of this story. Naruto has finally become a Hokage, fulfilling a lifelong ambition of his. That’s why the Konohagakure Village will be reformed with various technological advancements, as well. Hokage Naruto’s firstborn son, Boruto, is at the epicentre of a new wave of Shinobi. Even though he’s a Prodigy, Boruto still resembles his father in many ways. Boruto and his pals rise up to protect their honour as the Village is threatened by dark forces.

Episode 254 Summary
Boruto’s “The Spiral of Revenge” was the title of episode 254. With Boruto’s resolve to sacrifice himself for the sake of peace between the Land of Water and Pirates at stake, this episode focuses on Boruto’s drastic decision. It is clear that if Boruto can’t win over Ikada, then he will be the one who ends the battle. For boruto to die, Ikada plans to drown him in the water. Ikada sends Kobuna to drive Boruto onto the platform so that he may inflict vengeance on Boruto for the loss of his father.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kabuna is spared any bloodshed as Boruto verbally apologises and dives off of the platform to save him. It’s Boruto’s death that Ikada wants Sarada and Mitsuki to retaliate against. For the sake of boruto, however, both of them resisted the urge to murder Ikada and other enemies. Ikada leaps into the ocean to save Boruto after witnessing the influence of Boruto’s love for his pals. Sarada and Mitsuki get a firm hug from Boruto as he returns.

As well as giving other pirates a lecture about peace and the destiny of countries (called “Talk no Jutsu”) He assures them that all will be different one day and that they should all take Kagura’s wish with them.

Do You Know What’s Happening in Episode 255 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation?
After talking with Ikada, Boruto ultimately breaks the cycle of hatred and revenge in Boruto’s Episode 254. Boruto pledges that the future will be different from what the pirates perceive it to be. And that he will see to it that they are able to spend time with their loved ones in peace and happiness. Everyone was moved to tears by Boruto’s speech. This only goes to demonstrate how much he has matured as a protagonist over the course of this Arc. Fans had no idea how this vengeance strike would turn out.

However, Boruto’s actions in this episode prove that he is up to the task of being Naruto’s heir apparent. In addition to this, Sarada and Mitsuki performed admirably in this episode, putting up much effort to restrain their need to assault Ikada and the other pirates they encountered. As a result, they abided by Boruto’s choice and did nothing in response to his death. The future arcs of the anime will benefit greatly from this facet of their relationship. “A Tricky Assignment” is the title of Boruto Episode 255. Boruto’s team has been assigned a new task, and it seems to have something to do with the old man Chojuro.

Kawaki and Boruto appear to be engaged in a tense discussion, which suggests a potential fight. We’ll have to wait till the next episode comes out before we can get back to it.

When is the next Boruto episode coming out?
Episode 255 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will premiere at 5:30 p.m. on June 26th (JST Zone).
IST Zone Time – 2:00 P.M. EST on June 26th, IST. At 4:30 a.m. on June 26th, all zones will be affected.

Boruto: Naruto: The Next Generations Episode 255 – How to Watch
On the Crunchyroll Streaming Site, you can watch Boruto Episode 255 and all previous episodes.

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