Leaked Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1054 Online

In Wano nation, One Piece Chapter 1054 will continue to tell the story. But when is One Piece Chapter 1054 going to be released? Wano Country is just celebrating the end of the 20-year rule of Kaido and Orochi by holding a celebration. But someone is approaching, and it’s the New Admiral, who is enraged after only two panels of the chapter. Many claimed that he was Zoro’s father or a prior Wano Country Daimyo. That does not appear to be the case. Like Akainu, he is cold-blooded. What will he do in Chapter 1054 of One Piece? In this piece, we’ll try to guess on what could happen in the next chapter of Wano.

Recap of One Piece Chapter 1053
At first, we see the five elders’ concerns over Luffy’s new reward poster and the letter “D.” The word of the two emperors’ downfall has reached all corners of the globe. The bounty for the three pirate commanders in charge of this raid has been increased to 3 billion berries apiece. Kid hastily travels to Flower Capital in order to see Luffy. Except for Jinbei, every other straw hat, including our new straw hat Yamato, is rejoicing in the Flower Capital. Meanwhile, Robin is hiding in the castle’s basement. She sees Hitetsu there, who confesses that he was all along Kozuki Sukiyaki. She inquires about the ancient weapon pluton’s whereabouts. That’s what the ponegliff in Alabasta stated, according to Robin. According to Kozuki Sukiyaki, the weapon is in Wano.

Ryoguku, on the other hand, is terrorising the remains of the beast pirates such as King and Queen. His name is Aramaki, and his face is shown. He aims to assassinate Luffy. In the Flower Capital, Luffy is having a party. The kid then appears with murderous purpose and claims he has no idea what is going on, but Luffy has been proclaimed the new emperor of the seas with Buggy the clown. Shanks, Blackbeard, Luffy, and Buggy are now the four emperors.

Expectations in Chapter 1054 of One Piece
The richness of other straw hats, including Yamato, may be revealed in the forthcoming chapter of One Piece, chapter 1054. The look on the other straw hats’ faces when they meet Luffy, who has been called the new Emperor, will be priceless. Furthermore, Buggy, an unexpected figure, is called the next emperor. At the very least, we’d want to have a single page dedicated to his reaction or tale. It’ll be amusing to see it more frequently than the others. Aramaki wants to murder so that Fleet Admiral Akainu can laud him.

A lot of rumours about him have been debunked, but hey, never say never. He might turn out to be Zoro’s father, who is a villain. Does Aramaki’s statement that “the outer world is a shambles” imply that the revolutionary army is fighting the World Government as well? Who knows what will happen. These are just wild guesses. When the spoiler and raw scans for the chapters are released, we’ll know. They normally appear two to three days before the chapter is published. When the spoilers for One Piece chapter 1054 are released, we’ll go through them in depth.

Release Date for Chapter 1054 of One Piece
Unfortunately, One Piece will be on a four-week hiatus. Starting next week, there will be no new chapters for four Sundays. On July 24, 2022, One Piece Chapter 1054 will be released.

Read Chapter 1054 of One Piece Online
Once released, One Piece Chapter 1054 will be accessible to read on a variety of online outlets including viz media, manga plus, and Shonen Jump’s official website. The final three chapters are free to read but to read the complete catalogue, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium platform.

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