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Black Clover Chapter 332 will deal with the Kingdom of Spade’s storyline. Julius Lucius and Zofree were greeted by Adrammelech, who wished them well. It’s apparent that the battle against demons hasn’t even begun with the emergence of Zofree. In Black Clover Chapter 332, Asta and Liebe prepare to face the demon. Fans can’t wait to see what happens in Chapter 332. The manga is now on hiatus. Black Clover’s concluding chapter, according to rumours, will be released in August. Tabata revealed the identity of the fourth Zogratis sibling and Astaroth the Time Devil’s host, Julius. The greatest surprise yet has been revealed for the first time in this series. Everyone is looking forward to Tabata’s upcoming chapter of Black Clover.

The release date, raw scans, and leak sources for Black Clover Chapter 332 are all contained in this report’s content. Despite this, viewers will have to endure a three-month hiatus while the programme is on hiatus. Black Clover chapter 332 commentary begins now. The most recent development has delighted every manga reader who has been paying attention to the story. In addition, I feel that the completion of the Spade Kingdom Invasion Arc will make future events more intriguing.

Black Clover Chapter 332
Acquiring Lucius Zogratis and the other powerful demons that couldn’t emerge in the human realm in the upcoming Black Clover arc will be finished. Fans can’t wait to witness their favourite characters’ increased magical skills after the time jump.

Clover Chapter 332: When Can You Expect It?
Black Clover, which has been on a three-month vacation, will be released on either August 7th or August 14th at midnight JST. This week, no new episodes will be released. New chapters of Black Clover appear in the Shueisha-produced Weekly Shonen Jump every Sunday. The original images and fan translations will be available for download on Friday and the following day.

The next chapter of Black Clover has not yet been revealed.
The manga and animation for Black Clover have been placed on hold due to the termination of the anime a few months ago. After a three-month break, the manga series will return in August 2022 with its final arc. In the Spade Invasion Arc, Yuki Tabata was plainly weary by the multiple weekly delays, the occasionally subpar artwork, and the manga chapters that barely had 10 to 15 pages. The scans, which originate in Japan, are made available online following translation by translators from all around the world. Can You Tell Me When It’s Going to Be Released? The official English translations of the most recent chapter will be made available in the following countries and at the following time:
On Sunday at noon Eastern Time.
This next Sunday at 5 PM British Standard Time, which is also 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.
Central Time on Sundays at 11 a.m EST

The previous chapter’s content is summarised below.
First, let’s take a look back at what has transpired in Black Clover thus far. At Julius Novachrono’s office in the Clover Kingdom Damnatio arrives with a gloomy heart. Julius shuts off all communication with Marx Francois after getting his report on the operation. The demon attack wore on his nerves, and he is glad that the conflict is finished. Damnatio enters the office by knocking on the door. After the trial of Secret and Asta, Damnatio began his investigation into demons.

Megicula had been absent from the Tree of Qliphoth for the preceding 20 years, according to documents he discovered among the kingdom’s demon hosts. Magic was governed by three strong wizards in the underworld: Lucifero, Beelzebub, and Astaroth, who were in charge of gravity, space, and time magics, respectively, in the land of the dead. Damnatio thinks Megicula may be the next Astaroth in the aftermath of his unexpected absence from the Underworld.

Damnatio believes that just one person has ever used Time Magic, although this is something he hopes is untrue. Damnatio is asked to step in by Julius, who arrives at the same decision. When Damnatio tries to use Scale Magic on Julius, Julius returns to his adult form and the grimoire goes back to its limitless pages to keep him from thinking. By tapping Damnatio on the head, the mystery assailant makes Julius’ grimoire look like a spade grimoire. Adrammelech makes his way to the window in reaction to Lucius Zogratis’ precise prophecy. Adrammelech. When Lucius returns, he informs Satan that the moment has arrived.

Chapter 331: Where to Read?
To read the most recent and earlier chapters of Black Clover, go to either VIZ Media’s or Shueisha’s English manga portal Mangaplus. Viz Shonen Jump and Mangaplus are also available for Android and iOS smartphones. If you don’t want to wait for VIZ or your local publisher to release the volume, this is your only choice. You may show your respect for the authors by only reading new chapters from legitimate sources, rather than illegal or unauthorised ones.

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