[Latest] Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 Raw Scans Released Online

Fans have been debating whether Takemichi’s rescuer was Taiju Shiba or Kazutora Hanemiya since some raw images from Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 were released earlier this week. It was difficult to tell the two apart because they both had two-toned hair. In any case, as of this writing, authoritative translations have answered this question. In Tokyo Revengers chapter 258, fans will be treated to more than just Taiju’s appearance. Some questions about Mikey and Taiju’s relationship with Toman and Takemichi are answered here. In this chapter, Kakucho’s awful end is also verified.

The death of Kakucho has been verified, and Taiju Shiba joins Toman in the fight
Sanzu’s katana wound on Kakucho seemed to be more serious than initially thought in the last chapter. Kakucho threw himself from the moving train to save Takemichi. Kakucho was able to halt the train and save everyone because of Izana’s vision. In the haste to thank Takemichi, he discovered that Kakucho had died.
Chapter 258 of Tokyo Revengers is called Strange Bedfellows.

Knowledgeable Mikey
Chapter 258 of Tokyo Revengers opens with Mikey gently muttering “Sanzu,” implying that he has been aware of his subordinate’s scheme to kill everyone. Once the Toman is defeated and disheartened, he tells his troops to take advantage of the opportunity and crush them for good. He appears to have lost to Mikey during their combat. Angry is seen resting on the ground. To get Kakucho up, Takemichi begs him to thank his friend, saying that he hasn’t yet. When Sanzu comes up to him with his katana, he falls down and has a hard time comprehending Kakucho’s death. When Mitsuya sees Takemichi’s shaky attempts to combat Sanzu, he advises him. Mikey’s best friend, Takemichi, has a loving heart, but Sanzu thinks he isn’t right for him.

Saving the day with Taiju
Sanzu lifts his katana to attack Takemichi as a motorbike-riding Toman appears on the battlefield. To avoid being run over by Sanzu, he lets his motorcycle strike him and throws him off the tracks. After that, someone phones Mitsuya and complains that the uniform is too tiny. Hakkai stares at him in surprise, while Kokonoi and Inui speculate about Takemichi’s acquaintance with this individual. Taiju Shiba, the oldest of the Shiba siblings, appears as Takemichi’s rescuer, shocking even Takemichi. That’s what Taiju Shiba, the current captain of Tokyo Manji Gang’s second generation’s 6th division, is revealed to be in Tokyo Revengers 258.

It was widely assumed that Taiju Shiba or Takeomi Akashi would be there for the last arc’s Takemichi. At first, both men viewed Takemichi as an enemy, but they’ve developed a friendship with him, for which they’re glad. Their younger siblings, Toman and Kantou, have also been entangled in the conflict. It wasn’t much of a leap to think that they would return to the battlefield. The appearance in Tokyo Revengers chapter 258 of one of the series’ most formidable fighters, Taiju Shiba, offers Toman hope and encouragement.

His brother and Mitsuya are well aware that Taiju has joined the Second Generation of Toman to help Takemichi. One major flaw is that he wasn’t there to see the new president inaugurated. Even if Taiju’s presence does not change the tide, Toman members will be inspired to keep fighting. In finding out about Sanzu’s plot, Mikey demonstrates his descent into madness and his willingness to use violence to exterminate his former pals. Taiju Shiba alone isn’t going to be able to take on such a formidable foe unless he gets some help soon.

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