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The High School God Noa’s destiny will eventually be revealed in Chapter 547. In the previous chapter, he was engaged in a battle with the deity himself. His odds of survival, on the other hand, were slim. The reason for this is that Mubong didn’t allow Noa enough time to defend himself before he kept attacking him. Noa, on the other hand, surprised him with a counterattack. Noa’s battle with Mubong will continue in the next chapter. They’ll employ a wide range of tactics in their battle against one other. However, they will be left in a state of shock. As a result, they will take a few moments to save the children. Hence, they will be forced to work together.

Chapter 547 of The God of High School: Spoilers And Predictions
Things were being worked on by the operators. They encountered difficulties due to the shield. Operations on the ark were becoming increasingly challenging. As soon as their ships arrived, they had to activate the gateway. As a result, they attempted to hack the system, but they were unsuccessful.

Eventually, they came up with a strategy to use the original interface and follow the primary path. They will now attempt to use the system, and they will be successful. Noa, on the other hand, will continue her conflict with Mubong. He was able to damage Mubong, and he intends to keep up the pressure on him by employing the same tactics. His people are preparing a tremendous onslaught that might wipe out Mubong and Noa, but he is completely unaware of this.

He will soon discover that something is amiss, which will cause him to lose concentration. It will offer Mubong an opportunity to attack him, but after seeing the ark come crashing down, he will help Noa in saving the children.

Recap of Chapter 546
Noa eventually made it to the mandala ark in The God of Highschool Chapter 546, where Mubong was waiting for her. He had already used all of his energy fightings back against Mubong, and his physique appeared frail as a result. However, he was able to keep his opponent at bay. To Mubong’s astonishment, he had made it this far.

He had no idea Noa would be able to hold her own against him. Mubong, on the other hand, made the decision to use his gaze power to eliminate Noa. Noa was hurt, yet he was able to remain motionless. Everyone, even Mubong, was taken aback. Later, he assaulted Noa two more times before the nano healing machine came to protect him. He was able to remain calm because of that. To finish off Noa, Mubong devised a second strike. Subhuti, on the other hand, served as a stumbling block to his sword. A pillar was shattered when Noa turned Mubong’s weapon against him afterwards. Noa utilised Mubong’s attack to her advantage as soon as Mubong’s next strike was ready.

God Of High School Chapter 547: Publication Timeline
The official release date of The God of High School is irregular. The last chapter was published just now, and the next one should be out in about a week. As a result, the publication date for chapter 547 has been set for June 22nd, 2022.

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