[Latest] Spoilers for World Trigger Chapter 223 Raw Scans Released Online

Even if World Trigger’s popularity has declined since its release, it is still a wonderful example of how to handle the protagonist in a series and portray team combat that highlights the strengths and flaws of each character. This story has almost 200 chapters, and fans are hoping that the second season of anime, due out in January 2021, will attract even more people to read it.

World Trigger Chapter 223 Release Date
The World Trigger manga is published by Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine, which is a monthly magazine that generally publishes the latest chapters of numerous manga series, including Ao no Exorcist and Seraph of the End, in the first week of each month. Chapter 223 of World Trigger will be released on June 2, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time, according to the official timetable published by VIZ Media (JST).
The title is still a mystery.
This month, the series is taking a vacation because of the author’s health concerns.

World Trigger Chapter 223 Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Leaks
As of this writing, no chapter 223 spoilers have been provided. Raw photographs of a film’s packaging can be found on sites like Reddit and 4chan a week or two before its scheduled release. On that topic, raw scans for World Trigger manga issue 223 are expected to be available on April 1st. You can bet that we’ll have spoilers and raw scans on our website as soon as they’re available. For the most recent updates and information, visit its official subreddit, r/worldtrigger.

Where can I get free reading material on the internet?
Please visit the official websites of VIZ or Shueisha to read the most recent and previous chapters of World Trigger. You may also get official Android and iOS mobile applications for your device. The chapters are also available in Spanish on Mangaplus. The first three and most current chapters are free to read on these websites; but, to access the other chapters, a $1.99 monthly subscription fee is required.

About World Trigger
World Trigger is a Japanese comic series written and illustrated by Daisuke Ashihara. The manga was moved from Weekly Shonen Jump to Jump Square in 2013 due to a health risk. In a fantasy universe where gateways to another dimension unexpectedly appear on Earth, Mikado City is besieged by “Neighbors,” ferocious monsters immune to conventional weaponry. As a consequence of their invasion, the Border Defense Agency was established to combat the Neighbor menace with specialised weaponry known as “Triggers.”

Despite the fact that the first gate has been open for a few years, the Neighbors continue to pose a threat, and Border members are still on duty to safeguard Earth. Members-in-training, such as Osamu Mikumo, are not permitted to utilise triggers outside of headquarters. Bullies drag a mysterious new student into a restricted area, leaving Osamu with little choice but to do what he believes is right in the face of Neighbors’ attacks. Yuuma Kuga, a transfer student, surprises him by rapidly defeating the alien beings, revealing his actual nature as an extraterrestrial Neighbor masquerading as a human.

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