[Latest] Spoilers for Overlord season 4 Released Online

One of Madhouse’s best-known anime series is Overlord. Based on the Kugane Maruyama novel series of the same name. It premiered in 2015 for the first season of the anime After then, there were two seasons of the show shown in 2018. The anime had thirteen episodes in each season, and viewers loved every element of it. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Madhouse has decided to produce a second season of the television show as well as a feature film.

The Overlord season 4 launch date has finally been announced after what seemed like a lifetime. Madhouse hinted at the possibility of a fourth season in May 2021. The new season’s debut date has been revised by the animation firm many months later.

Date of Season 4 of Overlord
Overlord Season 4 will launch in July of 2022, Madhouse has announced. The countdown to the start of the new season has begun. Moreover, the next batch of episodes won’t arrive for another two months at this moment. With the premiere of the second PV trailer for Overlord Season 4, the Japanese animation studio announced fresh release date information. The previously published teaser only gave a brief glimpse into the forthcoming season.

There are stunning fight scenes and appearances by all of the key characters in the teaser that are sure to excite fans. We don’t need much more than the trailer to be enthusiastic about the continuation of the anime series. Overlord’s fourth season will be followed by the development of a new anime film, which will focus on the Holy Kingdom Arc. Despite this, no information about the next film’s release date or promotional video has been made public. Our best guess is that the production firm will reveal something about the movie once the fourth season concludes.

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