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Onigashima was in the path of Luffy’s attack when Chapter 1048 began, and Momonosuke was desperately trying to shift him out of the way. By utilising his Flame Dragon Torch, Kaido set himself on fire and inadvertently set Luffy’s hand on fire as well. Their attacks were equal, but they were unable to break the other’s stranglehold. In a flashback, the demise of Wano was revealed, from Oden’s death to the influence of the industries on the nearby crops and water.. etc.

Denjiro came just in time to stop Orochi from killing Hiyori as he had threatened to do. As Chapter 1049 opens, the battle between Kaido and Luffy continues to boil. It’s clear that Kaido still doesn’t trust the Straw Hat to alter the world even after seeing how far Luffy has gone through their power struggle. His mind wanders back to his past after that. Kaido, a ten-year-old soldier, goes through a war-torn city and is recognised for his bravery. 46 years before the present conflict, Kaido wonders why the Vodka Kingdom needs to respond and pay an oath to the Celestial Dragons. By conducting war against other regions, the tribute is collected.

Human rights will be taken away from them if they do not pay the tribute. When he’s about 13 years old, he is sent to the Navy by his own family since they can no longer handle him. Enlistment requires him to be given a place at the next meeting, which infuriates Kaido, who claims that he’s not a political player in this situation. To make sure he has something to eat before he escapes again, he allows himself to be kidnapped and then flees from the Marines.
Following an altercation at the age of 15 on the island of Fullalead, the young man emerges triumphant two years later. After being asked by a young Whitebeard to join his crew, Kaido accepts the offer.

Garp and Roger defeat the Rocks Pirates when they join forces after travelling into God Valley and attacking numerous World Nobles, startling everyone who hears the news. It’s widely believed that their infighting was a contributing factor to their loss. Almost 10 years after the demise of the Rocks Pirates, Kaido has formed his own crew and gained a reputation for being a fierce warrior. Kaido and Kurozumi Higurashi are talking about the nature of mankind and how brute force is the only way to solve issues. King is at their side. Higurashi compares them to animals, a comparison that Kaido fully endorses.

Weapons are what “speak loudest” to her, and she offers a bargain with Kaido, who isn’t happy about it. Kaido then goes on the offensive, declaring war on the World Nobles and their allies. While talking to King about Yamato, Kaido mentions that Yamato had mentioned Joyboy and how Oden wished to open Wano’s boundaries in order for Joyboy to arrive there. In response, King inquires as to the identity of Joyboy, which he claims he knows. The lone CP0 agent manages to flee Onigashima in the current day. Before Yamato orders him to relocate the island, Momonosuke is seeing the battle from below. He tries again, but he still can’t come up with them.

Meanwhile, the Flower Capital’s residents are still having a good time by launching sky boats into the air to celebrate.
The remaining combatants on the Performance Floor begin to hear noises coming from the castle. When Raizo’s wave of water crashes through, they realise what’s making the noise. Brook and Robin, Usopp, Kikunojo, and Kin’emon are among the others who were trapped inside when the tsunami hit. The Pleasure Hall’s female employees, including Sanji, are also caught in the deluge. Hiyori and Denjiro are trapped in the Treasure Repository as the water rushes past them. As he embraces Hiyori, Denjiro tells her that she has been courageous and powerful.
When Kaido asks Luffy what type of planet he can build, the Flame Clouds that had surrounded the ship eventually dissipate. Momonosuke tries one more time and succeeds in creating a cloud of clouds that lifts the island above Kaido and Luffy’s heads.

At this point, Luffy answers Kaido’s question: “I’ll give my pals the freedom to eat as much as they want!” with one more attack. Kaido is about to be sent hurtling into the ground below when Luffy finally breaks through his barriers and sends him flying. Reliving his meeting with King, Kaido realises that Joyboy is the only one who can finally bring him down. Momonosuke and Onigashima land safely outside the city as the residents of the Flower Capital watch the sky boats transport their dreams of freedom and peace into the sky. As of this coming Sunday, May 29th, a new chapter of One Piece will be available for download.

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