How to repair COD Warzone Error number 65538?

Ever since the previous COD Warzone update came out, gamers have been receiving Error code 65538. This prohibits the gamer from getting online and connecting to matchmaking services. Players have frequently complained about this issue but to no avail. The programmers are yet to provide the gamers with any form of positive news or remedy for this issue.

From what we know, this issue might arise due to many various factors involving problems with your internet connection and/or issues with Activision’s servers. Now that the programmers have failed to comment on this, we’ve been forced to take matters into our own hands. Today, we’ll be going through various possible remedies and workarounds for this problem. Let’s begin.

How to repair COD Warzone Error code 65538?
First, we’ll make sure that you’re truly getting adequate bandwidth to connect to COD servers. So, you need to do a brief internet test and assess whether everything is operating properly or not. Once, this is done we’ll be ready to start.

Restart your router
COD problems are more frequently than not caused by poor internet service from your ISP. Check your internet connection before playing COD to avoid any interruptions or disconnections. In order to do so, this is how:
Simply shut down your router and unplug it from all power sources and ports. Turn your router back on after a few seconds. Try to connect to the internet by opening Warzone. If the problem persists, please continue reading.

Switch to a new game
If we don’t include the most obvious fix, this won’t be a complete list of fixes. Almost all problems can be resolved by simply restarting the game. Restart COD Warzone after closing it down. Once the game restarts, look for a new opponent. If this doesn’t work for you, keep reading.

Make sure COD’s servers are up and running
Another possibility is that COD’s servers are down, which could lead to this error. If the servers are down, we’ll check them out to make sure. Activision’s official website or Warzone’s official Twitter can be used to check the status of the servers. To begin playing COD Warzone, you’ll have to wait for the servers to come back online.

As a result, you should no longer be experiencing any problems. If it isn’t, you may want to contact customer service.

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