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After over a year of a pause for the Attack on Titan anime, we’ve chosen to continue reading the manga. In this series, we’ll take a look at each chapter one at a time and give our comments on what we’ve read so far. Attack on Titan manga Chapter 133, “Sinners,” is being reviewed today. Only Attack on Titan Chapter 133 is included in this article’s spoilers. If you’ve just seen Attack on Titan: Part 2 of Season 4, then this article contains SPOILERS.

After the terrible goodbye to Hange in the previous chapter, this next chapter of the manga was no less distressing.
Armin tells Onyankopon, “We’re all depending on you,” and places a hand on his shoulder in the opening moments of the chapter, evoking memories of Hange. Similar to the scenario between Hange and Onyankopon immediately after the declaration of war by Willy Tybur. The one thing I didn’t like about this chapter was how silent everyone was when it came to discussing Hange’s demise.

In their discussion about eliminating the Jaegerists, no one mentioned Hange’s sacrifice. As the story begins, our group is barely able to make it to Fort Salta in time to stop Eren’s Rumbling from annihilating the last of his rivals: the airships. It’s amazing to listen in on the earliest planning discussions. “Big insect” is how they describe Eren’s new form, and it isn’t clear if he can be taken out through the neck like a Titan. If Eren doesn’t listen to them, Armin plans on changing into Colossal and bludgeoning him to death with his hammer.

A Monkey Is All Levi Can Think Of
Levi, on the other hand, is stuck on the word “monkey.” Because they still believe Eren is gaining access to the Founder’s power through Zeke, he wonders, “Couldn’t we just murder Zeke?” and put an end to the Rumbling. At this moment, we don’t know for sure if he’s correct or not. Although Ymir gave her power to Eren in the Paths, we don’t know if Eren still needs Zeke to use it. Because if he wasn’t, why would he have brought Zeke with him in some manner or another? Based on the final moment in which Eren’s transformation was taking place, it appeared as though Titan-energy-wisps were encircling Zeke in the process.)

As a result, they’ve devised a strategy in which Eren will attempt to converse with them while Levi goes in search of and kills Zeke. Levi’s tale has piqued my interest recently. Because of an illness, I had to rely on others for aid with articles and other tasks while recuperating. As long as he keeps fighting, I like Levi’s determination to keep going and his rapid realisation that he’ll need support to achieve his goals, but that doesn’t dissuade him.

Reiner’s teammates believe they are just as guilty as he is. Now
Conny, on the other hand, is having a hard time killing the Jaegerists he used to be friends with. I like that Isayama is telling us just how difficult this is for him. He sees Reiner, Bertolt, and Annie’s perspectives so much more clearly now, and he feels that he’s not that different from them. Reiner, on the other hand, rejects his sentiments. That even if he saves the entire human race, “my sins are beyond atonement,” he says to Conny. You should check it out. When addressed by Grisha via Frieda, King Fritz spoke the same words. Rewatching the episode only made me remember it more clearly. Fritz thought the Eldians’ previous transgressions were likewise beyond forgiveness, therefore he intended them to be hounded indefinitely and finally die without resisting.

Jean adds his two cents, stating that he shares Reiner’s sentiments and that they are the same. Eren had said the same thing to Reiner the day Willy Tybur declared war. This makes Reiner question whether Eren is trying to get them to do anything to stop him in the first place. Just like Reiner couldn’t walk away from his devastation, does Eren hope his buddies will be able to stop him? If so, then how come Eren still has the Founder but they don’t? This would be Reiner’s state of mind right now if he were Eren.

This is more of a projection, rather than an actual epiphany, to me. Reiner has a habit of misreading Eren’s objectives and failing to grasp his true nature. Eren, on the other hand, may not be like this, and Reiner is only projecting his own feelings onto someone he’s had difficulty understanding. In reality, no one has really grasped Eren’s significance. No, Zeke did not know what was going on with Eren’s little brother when walking him through Grisha’s memories.

In the Paths, Eren Speaks to Them Once More
To me, the most intriguing parts of the book are those set in the Paths, where the tension and unease are palpable. Everyone is on the airship, engaged in a serious discussion, when Eren appears, beckoning them back to the Paths.
Levi has the foresight to understand that Eren has been listening in on them the entire time. Armin seizes on the opportunity to make his point to Eren as swiftly as possible. He warns him that if he doesn’t stop now, Paradis won’t be assaulted again for a long time. He’s given them some breathing room as they try to come to an agreement. There is no justification for killing any more innocents. Then he tells Eren that they are to fault for what he did and that he was only driven into a position because of their actions. Eren is greeted by a chorus of voices from the other characters.

The Concept of Continuity in Modern Thought
Eren’s ominous words echo chillingly through the air. But the rumbling won’t stop until I do!” I’m not going to let chance decide the fate of Paradis. Going ahead is my only option.” As Eren has long held, this is the same philosophy. “Continue on Your Current Path.” Grizha told Frieda that “generations” of Attack Titan hosts had witnessed the time when the Royal Family was slaughtered and had been guided to this point, which was a fascinating spectacle. I wonder whether Eren’s own philosophy, like the anti-war doctrine of all the Royal hosts of the Founding Titan, binds him. As Frieda was “overcome” by the Attack Titan mentality in a previous manga episode, I see a similar time in Eren’s future.

Nonetheless, it’s plausible that Eren’s future self-made that ideological pledge, tying him and all prior hosts. Eren is refusing to speak. He tells them plainly that he must “steal freedom from the rest of the world” in order to “keep freedom in my own hands.” While Zeke and Grisha were walking through Grisha’s memory, he warned Zeke that he would take someone else’s freedom away from them in a split second if it threatened his. It’s only that for his pals he gives them an exception that he won’t give anybody else. he allows them to retain their individuality.

They are free to try to stop him, but he will keep marching ahead. But their “unbreakable convictions,” which are in conflict, will lead to a collision. In the same way that King Fritz and all those who came after him were shackled by the anti-war mentality, I’m still convinced that Eren is. Next to Ymir’s child, Eren is a child (both around the ages where they were first turned into sentient Titans.) It was only when Ymir gave strength to Eren that her eyes became unshaded. In addition, the pupils of Eren’s eyes appear to be dilated. I’m reminded of a moment from the movie where he was imprisoned and he stood in front of the mirror repeating “FIGHT” over and again. “Fight” may have been the command he gave Mikasa as a youngster.

Is the philosophy that binds the Attack Titan merely the act of fighting?
Ymir was created by the Eldian King, who ordered her to do nothing but “FIGHT” their foes over and over again. Is there some connection to this Eren claims he has no desire to converse with them. He only wants them to understand that they have no choice except to murder him if they want to stop him. It’s critical to keep in mind that the Paths have a unique take on the concept of time. It’s possible for Eren to talk to his pals for years about what’s going on yet have no time pass in the real world as Zeke did. However, he has decided against it.

Annie and Falco’s Interaction in That Scene Was Totally Out of Control
If we didn’t have a scene on the ship with Annie, Lady Azumabito, Falco and Gabbi, I was expecting the story to conclude right now. Due to her role in bringing Eren and Zeke together, Lady Azumabito believes she will never be able to redeem herself. An intriguing “irredeemable” thread weaves its way across the text here. Immediately following that, we get a massive onslaught of Titans-related information that I had not anticipated.

She can reportedly “take in portions of other Titans and exhibit their skills,” according to what we’ve learned about her. It’s a power that Titans may potentially employ, but the Female Titan is particularly adept at using it. Annie says, “The foods they forced me to consume.” She ate a piece of Beast Titan’s body to get the power to summon Titans to her side, as well as a piece of Armor Titan’s body in order to gain hardening. It’s possible that she was a member of the Warhammer Titan as well, considering the shell she wore was extremely similar to the Warhammer’s shell. It’s puzzling, given that Eren acquired the hardening capability via ingesting an “armour” serum. But Annie was forced to consume Titans’ remains?

A prior host of the Beast Titan had the ability to fly like a bird, according to Falco, since he was transformed by Zeke’s spinal fluid. Falco feels he can use this skill since he possesses birdlike traits in his Titan form. Despite the fact that Falco has always been a unique individual, this development is both surprising and expected. But why would they inquire about Annie’s abilities before anything else? For her to fly, I think they’ll want her to sample a small piece of Falco. Exactly how will any of this even be animated?! Or in a series of panels? Curiosity has piqued my interest to an unhealthy degree.

We learn that the parents of the Warrior Titans are still alive towards the end of this chapter. In order to leave the Rumbling, they all fled and are now travelling to Fort Salta in search of an airship. They long for another opportunity to redeem themselves for the mistakes they’ve made in raising their children. Finally, Eren and Rumbling will square off in head-to-head combat while humanity’s “final” chance in the shape of airships heads toward them.

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