English Raw Scans for Black Clover Chapter 332 Released Online

The Spade Kingdom will be the focus of Black Clover Chapter 332, which concludes the last arc. He appeared and greeted Julius Lucius Zofree, Adrammelech’s son. By showing up so abruptly, Zofree reveals that the fight against demons is far from ended. Chapter 332 of Black Clover will show Asta and Liebe dealing with the demon. Chapter 332 has been anxiously anticipated by readers, but as we all know, the manga is currently on hiatus. Black Clover will be delayed by one arc as revealed by Tabata Sensei earlier this year. The Black Clover Chapter 332 publication date will be announced at the appropriate time during the intended three-month vacation.

The word from Tabata Sensei:
While I had hoped that I would not have to take a break, we determined that I should take a long one in order to allow me more time for the last arc. It is my sincere apologies to those readers who look forward to the weekly release of new chapters. However, I intend to give Black Clover my all-out effort in order to polish it to perfection and bring it to a satisfying ending. Because of this, if you could just give me a little more time, I’d be grateful.
Iki Tabata, Japan

Shonen Jump’s editorial staff and mangaka Yuki Tabata have both spoken out about the magazine’s decision to take a protracted hiatus from publishing.

Translated statements have been uploaded by Twitter user WSJ manga.
“The Final Arc of Black Clover will begin its preparations next issue, hence the character will be missing from subsequent issues. The mangaka will take a break and then return to writing the series’ continuation after talking with Yuki Tabata on the topic “read the official statement from the Shonen Jump Editorial Department. “Therefore, a three-month hiatus is expected as a result of these conditions. Our Weekly Shonen Jump will keep you updated on the exact dates as they become available “It kept going.

According to the mangaka, he wanted to continue drawing the series, but after discussing it with Editorial Department, chose to take a hiatus. Also, in the final arc of the manga, he vowed to offer an intriguing tale with all of his “power and soul” to his readers. His statement read as follows: “If I had followed my instincts, I would have drawn on without taking a break for the remainder of the day. However, following a lengthy debate with the Editorial Department and in order for me to draw the manuscripts for the last arc at my best, I will be taking an extended hiatus. all the readers who eagerly await each new episode of the series each week.

It’s going to get even more exciting, and I’ll be returning to give it everything I’ve got to see this through to the end, so please be patient.” Black Clover Chapter 332’s release date has yet to be announced, however, it looks like it will be in early August of 2022. Keep an eye out for the updates on the manga as soon as they become available. Keep up with the latest Japanese manga series by subscribing to our newsletter.

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