Friends in FIFA 22 aren’t showing up on PS5: How to solve it?

With each new generation, FIFA has become one of the most popular soccer games, and its fans can’t get enough. A few problems in the PS5 version of the game, however, detract from the experience. For whatever reason, many FIFA 22 PS5 owners have reported frustration about not being able to view or join their pals on the game’s buddy list. If so, what’s the solution? To learn how to resolve the FIFA 22 friends not showing up on the PS5 glitch, keep reading this post.

Reasons buddies aren’t playing FIFA 22 with you
Many gamers have expressed their displeasure on the EA forums regarding the PS5 version of the game not allowing them to see their pals. In all likelihood, the next-generation version is still plagued by a bug that prevents users from connecting with their social networks. Make sure you and your buddies both have the same system and the same version of FIFA 22 in order to play together. There are some things you can do if you’ve satisfied the basic requirements and still can’t see your friends on your PS5 buddy list. We’ve listed a few remedies below.

Fifa 22 buddies not showing up: How to repair it
It’s a bummer that this game doesn’t work properly on PS5 and other next-generation consoles. For now, EA has promised to address the problem, but if you want to check whether your buddy list reappears, you may attempt the remedies below.

Ensure that the PSN network is up and running
You may be unable to see your pals in FIFA 22 because of a problem with the Playstation servers. It is impossible to access your friend’s list if the servers are unavailable. Here’s how to check on the health of the PSN network.
Make sure you’re in Settings by pressing the PlayStation button on your PS5.

“Network” and “View PlayStation Network Status” are two options in this app.
When the search is done, you should be able to view the results on the screen. There is no problem with the servers if all of the services are green, but if they are yellow or red, you will have to wait until the problem is repaired.

Restart your PlayStation 5
If your pals aren’t showing up in the buddy list in FIFA 22, it’s possible that the game has bugs that prevent you from seeing them. Attempting to restart the console may solve the problem. Restarting your PlayStation 5 is easy.
Go to the power symbol on the right side of your controller by pressing PS on your controller.

Enter the command “Restart PS5” in the PS5 menu.
Play FIFA 22 again to check whether the problem continues after a restart.
Make sure you’re online by changing your status.
Set your status to active/online if you and your friends are playing FIFA 22 on the same platform and version of the game. Also, if you want to get invitations in-game, make sure notifications are turned on.

Use the PS4 to play
If you can’t find your buddy in FIFA 22’s friend list, you may have a problem with the next-generation version of the game’s friend list. This option is available for those who want to test if they can see their pals in their buddy list when playing on their PS5. This is how you select the game’s version.
Enter “FIFA 22” into the search bar on the PS5 home screen.
Select the PS4 version of the game from the drop-down menu that appears once you’ve made your selection.

Make sure you’re using the Google DNS server and checking the kind of NAT
Make sure you and your friend are using the same DNS settings, and switching to Google DNS servers has cured the issue most of the time. Be careful to use NAT 1 or NAT 2 for each of your games as well. Verify the NAT type in your router’s setup. Make sure you’re on the same network as your friend and try again. We really hope that the above-mentioned improvements have resolved your in-game friend list issue. Power cycling your network and console, or contacting EA, is the only option if all of the methods above don’t work.

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