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When Blast appeared out of nowhere, it prompted numerous issues, which we attempted to address in the second half of this piece. Garou has emerged victorious from the battle between the three superhumans, which culminated with him taking the top spot. In his new incarnation as Garou, he was now more powerful than Platinum Sperm and quicker than Flashy Flash.
Tatsumaki was contacted by a mystery person, but Blast’s lesson saved her this time. We still have no idea who the enigmatic GOD is or what he has in store for us. He was also the source of the homeless king’s abilities and was ultimately responsible for his demise. Despite entering the field, Saitama is yet to make a move. Garou is still alive, but he lost all of his limbs in the attack, making him unable to move or defend himself. As a result, Saitama is now tasked with saving the life of his most prized pupil.
The mystery centipede that entered said that he was the offspring of Earth and Ocean and was there to confront the one who disobeyed the Gods. As Garou is nearly unbeatable these days, it appears that he will not be able to defeat him.
Garou has become an adversary of both the heroes and the villains because he opposes the hero association’s social system.
We all want to see Saitama on the battlefield, but he has so much power in his fist that no combat can last more than a few seconds. Fans also have reservations about the similarity between Blast and Saitama’s strength.
No matter how long it takes for them to face one other, there is no one on the planet stronger than Saitama.

Release date for One Punch Man Chapter 157: When Will It Be Available?
Two of the quickest heroes in the Hero Association, Garou and Platinum Sperm have surpassed Flashy Flash in terms of speed. Both of them managed to flood the sky with random streaks of light left behind by their movement in a struggle that lasted barely 13 microseconds.
One Punch Man’s most recent chapter was released about 40 days after the previous one due to a considerable delay. Since most chapters are issued within a month, we’d want the next chapter to come out sooner rather than later.
Since fan translations differ from official translations, some fans may have a hard time figuring out how many chapters there are in this comic.
On the official site, the current chapter 156 is titled One Punch Man 153. In the event that you are a beginner to this manga, you may want to keep this in mind for future reference.
Around a week before the official adaptation of this manga becomes available, the Raw Scans are normally available. While we wait for the official translations, we may also expect fan translations. One Punch Man 157 raw scans are scheduled to be released on February 10th.
It is predicted that the forthcoming One Punch Man Chapter 157 will be released somewhere between February 16th and February 17th on unauthorised sites, and on the Shonen Jump website as Chapter 154.

OPM Discussions and Predictions for Chapter 157:
For the time being, the God has manifested exclusively on the moon. We came upon a centipede on the ground who claimed to be the son of Father Earth. No matter how many theories we develop, we will never be able to determine if Earth’s father and God are one and the same thing.
It may take a few more chapters to get a clear picture of their intentions.
In the Battle of Blast vs. GOD:
After seeing Blast come before Tatsumaki and tell her to never rely on anybody during battle, Tatsumaki was spared from an extremely dangerous position.
This showed that Blast was aware of the situation and that his arrival also caused the enigmatic thing to run off.
Since Blast had to return to battle and bolster his supporters in the most recent episode, it’s clear that he’s not operating alone. Fans believe that Blast is a member of a group that is pursuing GOD, and that he is well-versed in GOD’s methods and might.
The conflict in which Blast is engaged is also taking place at the same time as the struggle for existence on Earth. We don’t know what GOD’s ultimate goal is, but we’ve seen him grant power to his followers in exchange for them wreaking devastation on Earth.
One Punch Man spoilers are expected to provide us an idea of what will happen in the following chapter, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.
We saw in the last chapter that Garou had declared war on everyone and everything on the world, including God, and it appears that someone is prepared to react to his challenge.
A Centipede arrived earlier, but it was beaten by Garou, thus we can anticipate things to get even more fierce now that this new centipede has appeared.
Truth be told, we have no idea who these so-called “Mother Ocean” and “Father Earth” beings really are, but they appear to have a hatred against the Garou clan.
With little time to think and no hesitation, he charged at the opponent in front of him and defeated him in a single blow.
If things go horribly wrong, Saitama may join the fray. Although it is difficult to envision Garou losing, the Sage Centipede’s confrontation with Garou will be fascinating to watch.
157 One-Punch Man Spoilers in English:
We’re all looking forward to OPM Chapter 157. Despite the fact that the next chapter is still more than a week away, we’ll be publishing spoilers as soon as we can.

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