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The preceding chapter lays forth the groundwork for a clash between the Pro Heroes and All Might and Hawkins. Since Erasure took control, Aoyama’s case has taken a new turn, and Erasure now seeks to outroot it. He is aware that he is not punishing Aoyama in order to free him from All For One.

Erasure wants to talk with All For One and Aoyama’s interrogators in order to learn more about their future plans. The Pro Heroes’ plan for defeating the villains has been supported by Aoyama’s tale, which has provided them with a fresh viewpoint. As a result, they’re gearing up for a full-fledged battle with All For One and Tomura. Fat Gum, for example, assists the public while annihilating the rampaging heroes.

While the students have taken something away from Aoyama’s case, they must help him. All For One has persuaded everyone that Aoyama is undecided about his goals. Erasure is confident in its ability to handle the matter. Thanks to the Heroes, who searched deep and unearthed something useful, Aoyama’s case is ready to be solved. All Might Hawkins and the other Pro Heroes must become engaged in this case since they have a strategy for eliminating the evil people. Let’s see what All Might, Hawkins, and Esarure learned from Aoyama.

The title of the chapter “The Story of How We Became Heroes, Part 3” was last seen in Chapter 340 of My Hero Academia. To begin, we see the All Might and Pro Hero Hawks share what Aoyama has disclosed to them. The number of Heroes participating in the initiative has been reduced. When Tomura Shigaraki was fighting America’s Number One Hero Star and Stripe, the pilot commander wondered aloud why All For One hadn’t arrived. There’s no need to mix up the “names” with “All For One,” because All Might implies that they escaped the New Order and were unaffected.

Only by attracting the most deadly members of each gang and defeating them one-on-one can Tomura Shigaraki be eliminated from All for One. However, Aoyama is critical to the strategy’s success. What impact will this have on Aoyama’s life? Tsukauchi is a marvel. Despite the fact that Aoyama isn’t scared to shine as brightly as the rest of the group, including his friends, he told them what had been bothering him. Aoyama has accepted that he is terrified to face his friends again for fear that All For One would use whatever means necessary to get him to betray them once more.

All For One is well aware that his trap is impossible to escape. He recognises that he must assist Aoyama in overcoming the fear that allows him to be used by All For One, and he does so. He pledged that Aoyama’s atrocities would not be forgotten, regardless of the circumstances. He can’t guarantee that Aoya will be able to keep her current rank at U.A. after the conflict. Something had happened before Mt Lady and the other Pro Heroes went out to find the evil guys.

Chapter 341 of My Hero Academia is now available to read in its fully online
You can read My Hero Academia Chapter 341 online at VIZ Media’s official website. Shueisha’s Shonen Jump and Shonen Jump’s online magazine have all of the past chapters of My Hero Academia online. On Fridays and Sundays, new episodes of My Hero Academia will be released, as well as the latest news. This week, Chapter 341 of My Hero Academia will be released before the weekend. Let’s meet up when the My Hero Academia Chapter 341 spoilers are out.

341st Chapter Start Date My Hero Academia Availability
On the 23rd of January in the year 2022, Chapter 341 of My Hero Academia will be released. The cases of All For One and Aoyama will be solved soon enough. Because they can’t wait for the enemies to attack, Mt Lady is leading the Pro-Heroes on a hike.

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