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Kaidou’s dranken form was revealed in the latest chapter, Shuron Hakke. Residents of Flower City are still savouring the event, but they know it will soon be over. Wishes were written on paper lanterns and given to the ancestors by the children and their families.

On the rooftop of Onigashima’s castle, Luffy and Kaidou have stopped fighting, and Luffy wonders why Kaidou has taken the form of a person. In spite of this, he became aware of Kaidou’s need for booze. Kaidou is chastised by Luffy for drinking while they are engaged in a battle. In response to his question, Kaidou says he has to drink since he’s having fun. This is the “Fire Festival,” Kaidou reminds Luffy. A wonderful meal at Onigashima has been wrecked by some brats, and it makes him furious. Luffy informs Kaidou that if he loses, he would not claim that he was intoxicated. In response to Luffy’s mockery, Kaidou uses his Kanabo to keep himself upright.
Despite being intoxicated, Kaidou assured Luffy that he is not a coward and that he can still fight. Using the right arm of a ballon giant, Luffy assaults Kaidou. It occurs to Kaidou that he has been without a 1v1 combat for a long period of time. Luffy’s strikes missed him thanks to Shuron Hakke: Sake Dragon Bagua, which he used to his advantage. In order to combat Luffy, Kaidou took on the shape of a hybrid and adopted the intoxicated technique. His “Ragnaraku” and “Warai Jogo” abilities are also unleashed, as is his “Laughing Drunk Mode.” The other area of the Live Floor is likewise under attack by his attacks.
One Piece 1037 – New Updates and Corrections
The moment Kaidou touches the earth, he understands he is having a good time. The Onigashima, which Kaidou failed to safeguard, is already half-destroyed, and thus he accepts his failure. Luffy has recovered from Kaidou’s barrage and has come to terms with the pain. The video game “Sad Drunk Mode: Ochikomi Jogo” was also revealed to be a favourite of Kaidou. Rebuilding Onigashima will take at least five years, and Luffy is well aware of the gravity of the situation. It’s “Dragon Twister Demolition Breath” that Kaidou unleashes on Luffy. However, Luffy avoided the strike and Kaidou was discovered to be in “Crying Drunk Mode: Naki Jogo.”
On his way to using kanabo, Kaidou labelled Luffy “a dumb brat” for his decision to do so. Luffy avoids being struck by Kaidou’s Raimei Hakke because he leaps out of the way. Instead of pulling away, Kaidou ends up seizing the opportunity to headbutt Luffy. Even Luffy recognises that Kaidou’s Haki is a formidable ally. In the Anger Drunk Mode: Okori Jogo Kaidou, he asks why he is going sober when his drunken mode wears out. Kaidou releases a Bolo Breath, but Luffy survives. While Gomu Gomu no-Roc Gatling is unleashed by Luffy. Gundari Ryuseigun: Gundari: Dragon Army is another one of Kaidou’s tricks. Luffy utilises Color of the Supreme King Haki to unleash a series of huge strikes on each of them.
In the meantime, they meet at the “Holy Land Mary Gorosei” at the Pangaea castle. This belief on a cursed Reverie permeates all of Gorousei 1. Focusing on “Wanokuni” is recommended by Gorousei 2. They can’t believe they’ve made it this far in the fight. Nico Robin is suspected by Gorousei 3 since she should have been detained, according to him. Kaidou and Big Mom’s presence might result in the death of someone. Wanokuni, a member of the World Government, reported through Den Den Mushi that they had seen a massive shadow.
One Piece Chapter 1038 – Raw Details 
On VIZ Media’s official website, you can read One Piece Chapter 1038 online. Shonen Jump & Shueisha’s online magazine officially publishes this manga. It is revealed in Gorousei 1 that the World Government intends to eradicate all traces of the Devil Fruit. The newest updates and spoilers for One Piece-Chapter 1038 will be released this week. Waiting for Chapter 1038 spoilers, let’s get together then!
The release date for One Piece Chapter 1038
It will be released on January 23rd, 2022, for One Piece Chapter 1038. Upon arriving at Pangaea Castle, the Gorousei, who was born with a birthmark on his forehead, cannot believe what he has just witnessed. He wonders why the World Government altered the name of that Devil Fruit, which has a short beard and blond hair.

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